Xamarin Andorid Build Always Fails ("java.exe" exited with code 2)

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emulator is not ready to be used.
the debug was canceled. please create an android emulator to debug the application.
error adb0000: deployment failed
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I'm trying to build a Xamarin.Android app, but the build always fails with error MSB6006: "java.exe" exited with code 2. I've tried enabling ProGuard and multi-dex, deleting the bin and obj folders, updating all NuGet packages, switching to debug and release modes, and removing all unused references. The error always points to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android\Xamarin.Android.Common.targets on line 1965, but that does not help. I've been struggling with this issue for days and I have no idea what to do next. These are some SO questions that I've seen, but haven't helped:

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You can try to enable Multi-Dex in Android project.

  1. Right click on Android project
  2. Options
  3. Android Build
  4. General
  5. Check: Enable Multi-Dex

Now Rebuild the project.

Sometimes Xamarin.Android build always error, Android project sometimes it will showing error with random error like Sometimes it also deployment failed but after build again it success. The problem began when I was updating the Xamarin.Android.Support and installed the Xamarin.Android.Support.V4 from Nuget. I was able to successfully install that library but when I built my application in Visual Studio it just gave me “BUILD FAILED” and that's it, meaning it doesn't show any errors at all and I was like, what the heck is

I fixed this problem by creating a new project and copying the old project's code, resources, and packages to the new one.

Visual Studio 2015 Xamarin deploy fail without any error message , I create a project as Adroid > Android blank project When I press F5, the build is seem to by success but the deploy is fail, there isn't error  Thanks to the Xamarin support I knew the automatic installation doesn't work always, so it's much better to install every package manually. So the instructions they gave me are the following ones: It looks like a manual installation would get the trial version of Mono for Android installed.

Issue for me was android-sdk path containing "space". Run following command

mklink /J C:\andsdk "C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk"

and change the SDK path in Tools > Options > Xamarin > Android Sdk Location

Enable MultiDex also if doesn't work.

Xamarin.Android Projects failed to deploy in visual studio emulator , Hi, I'm using visual studio 2015 update 1 with windows 10 build 10586 TH1. also I'm using Xamarin Version Issue for me was android-sdk path containing "space". Run following command. mklink /J C:\andsdk "C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk" and change the SDK path in Tools > Options > Xamarin > Android Sdk Location

My guess and it's just a guess is this is related to a poorly constructed keystore or something amiss in Java, like an incorrect path. But I don't know what to do next and in the meantime my project is halted.

Debugging Xamarin Android Build and Deployment Failures , Debugging Xamarin Android Build and Deployment Failures Deploying on the Visual Studio Android Emulator with Xamarin is sometimes an Sometimes your app might fail to deploy if an app of a different version and same was it built the app, then never deployed, it sat there waiting for the emulator. kvpt changed the title Fail to build Xamarin Forms Android App with Appt2 sur AzureDevops Fail to build Xamarin Forms Android App with Appt2 sur AzureDevOps Jun 8, 2019

Android build error – The LinkAssemblies task failed unexpectedly , You may see an error message The "LinkAssemblies" task failed unexpectedly when building a Xamarin.Android project that uses Forms. Xamarin.Android APKs can be made smaller through a combination of the Xamarin.Android linker, which removes unnecessary managed code, and the ProGuard tool from the Android SDK, which removes unused Java bytecode. The build process first uses the Xamarin.Android linker to optimize the app at the managed code (C#) level, and then it later uses

44184 – Debug deploy always fails: ZipException: Entry , Tired also to upgrade Android SDK to API24 each and every time, I was unnable to build APK, and go this issue: The "BuildApk" task failed  Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more Xamarin : Build has been canceled

[Xamarin]Error running Android Default: Failed to parse Activity , Hi, When trying to debug a Xamarin Forms app in Android Emulator, I always receive this message. The app is being 3) Try to build and debug Android app via Rider. Fail occurs on What does it always get bad? My god. The Xamarin.Android build process is based on MSBuild, which is also the project file format used by Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio. Ordinarily, users will not need to edit the MSBuild files by hand – the IDE creates fully functional projects and updates them with any changes made, and automatically invoke build targets as needed.

  • I have exactly the same problem
  • I get that error in several projects. Some quite small.