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How do escape a MySQL LIKE statement in node-mysql?

Something along the lines of

"SELECT * FROM card WHERE name LIKE '%" + connection.escape( + "%'"

Results in

'SELECT * FROM card WHERE name LIKE \'%\'hello\'%\''

Which is a syntax error. If I use the alternative syntax of

connection.query("SELECT * FROM card WHERE name LIKE '%?%'",, function () {});

Results in a similar syntax error. I've also tried

connection.query("SELECT * FROM card WHERE name LIKE ?", '%' + + '%', function () {});

Which just ends up escaping the '%' sign.

Not sure why it's escaping the % in your last example, because that works fine for me:

// lifted from my code:
var value = 'ee20e966289cd7';
connection.query('SELECT * from django_session where session_key like ?', '%' + value + '%', ...)

// Result:
[ { session_key: '713ee20e966289cd71b936084a1e613e', ... } ]

When I turn on debugging in the driver (pass debug:true as argument to mysql.createConnection), it doesn't escape the percent sign:

{ command: 3,
  sql: 'SELECT * from django_session where session_key like \'%ee20e966289cd7%\'' }

(it does escape the single quote, but that's for display purposes only)

(using mysql@2.0.0-alpha8)

LIKE query where string contains ", escaping breaks query · Issue , I have a table with some json inside, and I would like to use the LIKE query to run some matches (instead of loading all into node.js, parse the json, and then run If you are using the ?, you do not use mysql.escape. If you do  How do escape a MySQL LIKE statement in node-mysql? Something along the lines of "SELECT * FROM card WHERE name LIKE '%" + connection.escape( + "%'"

i've had success with something like

"SELECT * FROM card WHERE name LIKE " + connection.escape('%''%')

How to escape LIKE statement? · Issue #1386 · mysqljs/mysql · GitHub, Hello, I'm trying to escape query which uses LIKE statement. Query itself is dynamic, so I need a way to escape it somehow. example  "LIKE" is the comparison operator that is used in conjunction with wildcards. 'xxx' is any specified starting pattern such as a single character or more and "%" matches any number of characters starting from zero (0). To fully appreciate the above statement, let's look at a practical example. Suppose we want to get all the movies that have the

How about

mysql.format("SELECT * FROM card WHERE name LIKE CONCAT('%', ?,  '%')",


Node.js MySQL Where, con.query("SELECT * FROM customers WHERE address LIKE 'S%'", function (err​, result) { Escape query values by using the mysql.escape() method:. But, if you run that query the escaped underscore is ignored, so the result SQL (using query.sql) will be:. SELECT name FROM table WHERE username LIKE "ted_%" So, with node-mysql, you have to escape underscore twice:

you can always do

variable = '%${variable}%'
"SELECT * FROM 'table' WHERE ('foo' LIKE ?);", 
[variable], callback =>

sqlstring, Simple SQL escape and format for MySQL. NPM Version NPM Downloads Node.js Version Build Status escapeId(identifier) like this:. Hi. Can anyone explain, how i can escape wildcard chars like % in the mysql like statement. For example consider the below query $keyword = '100';

mysql, mysql. NPM Version NPM Downloads Node.js Version Linux Build Windows Server disconnects; Performing queries; Escaping query values; Escaping If a SQL-level charset is specified (like utf8mb4 ) then the default  Here is a snippet of user registration code, which uses the sanitizer module, along with node-mysql's prepared statement-like syntax (which, as I mentioned above, does character escaping), to prevent cross site scripting and sql injections, respectively:

How To Prevent SQL Injection In Node.js, SQL injection must exploit a security vulnerability in an application, To prevent SQL injection in Node Js, You can escape user input data using mysql.escape() Define mysql connection details like host, user, password and database. You will need to put the value of the variable into the SQL statement. This is no good: "SELECT * FROM arrivals WHERE flight = 'flightNo'" This will work, but it is not safe from SQL injection attacks: "SELECT * FROM arrivals WHERE flight = '" + flightNo + "'" To be safe from SQL injection, you can escape your value like this:

mysql.escape JavaScript and Node.js code examples, const escaped = mysql.escape(String(value)) var op = condition[0]; var expected = condition[1]; switch (op) { case 'in': // when passed an array, interpret as an "IN" statement A deep deletion module for node (like `rm -rf`). aws-sdk. Escaping query values. Caution These methods of escaping values only works when the NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES SQL mode is disabled (which is the default state for MySQL servers). In order to avoid SQL Injection attacks, you should always escape any user provided data before using it inside a SQL query. You can do so using the SqlString.escape() method:

  • Third example is correct, what is the exact problem you are seeing? Note that if you want to search for strings that literally contain percent signs that's trickier.
  • This works. connection.escape works in a weird manner. I was trying to put the % sign around the connection.escape and then get something like %'value'%. That would totally ruin the query. But got this correct now. Thanks to you. Cheers!
  • What do you mean by that? Can you add some explanation to your code such that others can learn from it?