Can I skip array elements with `list` assignment?

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Let's say I have a function returning the following array:

function fruits(){
  $arr = array('apple','orange','banana','pear');
  return $arr;

And I'd like to assign the third and forth array elements to a variables without using of temporary variable:

list(NULL,NULL,$banana,$pear) = fruits();

This code will not work, but it will show the idea of the way I'd like to use list construction.

The reasons I'd like to use list is the following:

  1. I use PHP 5.3 so construction like fruits()[2] will not work.

  2. I can do more assigns within one line of fairly readable code

  3. I'd like to skip temporary variables to reduce code size and increase its readability.

So is there any possibility to use list and skip some array elements?

php 5.5.14

function fruits(){
  $arr = array('apple','orange','banana','pear');
  return $arr;

list(,,$banana,$pear) = fruits();

echo $banana; // banana

list - Manual, Like array(), this is not really a function, but a language construct. list() is used to assign a list of variables in one operation. Note: In PHP 5, list() assigns the values starting with the right-most parameter. It seems you can skip listed values. Consider the program: In this program each third element of the array is skipping. We are using % (modulus operator) to check every 3 rd iteration. If it is, the continue will skip everything down in loop's scope and continue executing the next iteration. For all other elements it will print them.

Yes, you can skip elements: just omit the variable name:

list(,,$banana,$pear) = fruits();

Array destructuring in PHP, So what more can list do? # Skip elements. Say you only need the third element of an array, the first two can be skipped by simply not providing a  How to skip one element in an array and continue looping? For example, this question: "Return the sum of the numbers in the array, returning 0 for an empty array. Except the number "13" is very unlucky, so it does not count and numbers that come immediately after a 13 also do not count".

PHP 7.1+

[,,$banana,$pear] = fruits();

HP-UX 11i Internals, The Skip List In the world of search algorithms, the skip list is a new kid on the block. The individual list elements must be assigned to the list according to some When a new member is added, we must decide at which levels it will be linked. used in the HP-UX pregion lists uses a skip pointer array with four elements. To assign one array to another, make sure that the array on the left side of the assignment is resizable and the types of the array match. You can place a whole array in a Variant, resulting in a single variant variable containing the whole array: Dim MyArr As Variant MyVar = Arr2() You then reference the elements of the array in the variant with the same subscript notation as for a normal array, for example: MyVar(3) = MyVar(1) + MyVar(5)

Destructuring assignment, You can ignore return values that you're not interested in: When destructuring an array, you can unpack and assign the remaining part of it to  The list::assign() is a built-in function in C++ STL which is used to assign values to a list. It can also be used to copy elements from one list to another. To assign elements to a list. Syntax: list_name.assign(count, value) Parameters: This function accepts two mandatory parameters as shown in the above syntax and described below:

Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning -- IDEAL 2010: , To delete an element, one searches for the target node and deletes it from list level L is doubly-linked list deletion using array elements of index L in nodes' pointer arrays. Because items are assigned to list levels at random, however,it is unlikely that the Skip List creation procedure will provide this optimal arrangement. Any elements held in the container before the call are destroyed and replaced by newly constructed elements (no assignments of elements take place). In the range version (1), the new contents are elements constructed from each of the elements in the range between first and last , in the same order.

Destructuring Assignment in ES6- Arrays, That is, we can extract data from arrays and objects and assign them to variables. The comma separator is used to skip values in an array. Python | Assign range of elements to List Assigning elements to list is a common problem and many varieties of it have been discussed in the previous articles. This particular article discusses the insertion of range of elements in the list.

  • within one line of fairly readable code i think thats not true ... list is a pseudo-function and by the way your function is fruits() doesn't make sence
  • Works with PHP 5.3.9 aswell.