Example of DropBox API PUT using Curl and Oauth 2 to Upload a file to DropBox

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I am searching everywhere and haven't been able to locate a suitable example and am not well versed enough to be able to sort it out via the docs. Could someone with more knowledge than I show me how to form the CURL command for OAUTH 2? And is it that I only need the OAUTH 2 secret key? I am being shown an App key, app secret and oauth 2. I am using this in a perl script if it matters.

The closest code I have found is this:

 curl --request PUT --header "Content-Length: `ls -la jonathan.txt | awk '{ print $5}'`" --header         
 "Content-Type: multipart/mixed" --data-binary "@jonathan.txt" "https://api-    

But I don't think that is OAUTH 2?

If you have an access token (created via the app console):

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <your token>" https://api-content.dropbox.com/1/files_put/auto/ -T <your file path>

Dropbox API v2, OAuth. Note: API v2 only uses OAuth 2. The new endpoints do not have the /2 prefix, but With v2, you can now use a file ID instead of path when working with files, which Tip: The v1 endpoint /fileops/move returned v1-style metadata. In v2 Using curl, here are some examples of how you would use v1 and v2 to see the  Example of DropBox API PUT using Curl and Oauth 2 to Upload a file to DropBox to locate a suitable example and am not well versed enough to be able to sort it out

You need an access token for the account. (This is typically acquired by going through the OAuth flow, but you can also get one for your own account by clicking the "Generate" button on the page for your Dropbox app. See https://www.dropbox.com/developers/blog/94/generate-an-access-token-for-your-own-account.)

Once you have an access token, your curl command should probably work, though I prefer --header "Authorization:Bearer abc123xyz" over putting the access token in a query parameter. Also, drop the Content-Type: multipart/mixed, since that's not what you're sending.

I'd also recommend "auto" instead of "dropbox," just because it always does the right thing regardless of the app type.

API v1 to API v2 migration guide - Developers, dropbox-api documentation: Uploading a file via curl. Example#. This uploads a file from the local path matrices.txt in the current folder to <ACCESS_TOKEN​> should be replaced with the OAuth 2 access token. PDF - Download Dropbox  You may have heard that OAuth 2.0 simplifies development and provides better support for mobile apps. That’s why we announced OAuth 2.0 on the Core API at DBX this week. Most of the official Core API SDKs include OAuth 2.0 support already, so the best way to take advantage of OAuth 2.0 in your app is to use one of those libraries.

Here is working codes to upload file in dropbox via CURL request.

curl -X POST https://content.dropboxapi.com/2/files/upload \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer <your token>" \
  --header "Dropbox-API-Arg: {\"path\": \"/file_path.txt\",\"mode\": \"add\",\"autorename\": true,\"mute\": false}" \
  --header "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" \
  --data-binary "@file_path.txt"

Dropbox API, Solved: I am trying to upload files with curl. Based on community curl -X POST https://content.dropboxapi.com/2/files/upload \. --header @cjh39 In place of "​MyOauthApiKey" you would put your Dropbox API OAuth 2 access token. Once retrieved let fileData = "testing data example".data(using: String. The Dropbox API allows developers to build Dropbox functionality directly into their apps. The API allows access to features such as file uploading, downloading, sharing, searching, and restoration. The API can be used across platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other that can make HTTPS connections.

Solved: can't upload files with curl, Contribute to adasq/dropbox-v2-api development by creating an account on GitHub. Creates an OAuth 2.0 access token from the supplied OAuth 1.0 access token. Get a one-time use temporary upload link to upload a file to a Dropbox location. Example temporary upload link consumption request: curl -X POST  In general, the Dropbox API uses HTTP POST requests with JSON arguments and JSON responses. Request authentication is via OAuth 2.0 using the Authorization request header or authorization URL parameter. The .tag field in an object identifies the subtype of a struct or selected member of a union.

Getting Started - Developers, Set up an OAuth 2.0 access for Dropbox by using stored access tokens. Enter content.dropboxapi.com as Host value, 443 for the Port address, and enter To test the connection to the Dropbox resource through oauth2, you can upload a test file (for example, Then, use CURL to download the file through the Ajax proxy. To summarise, this script requests an OAuth token from Dropbox using cURL (a ‘token’ being a unique character string that will be used during the authentication process). Dropbox will send back a token plus a ‘secret’. For the purpose of this example we are storing the return token and its associated ‘secret’ in a session variable.

dropbox-v2-api/EXAMPLES.md at master · adasq/dropbox , With FileMaker 16, you can now use the native cURL functionality in order to own Dropbox accounts, you should implement the OAuth 2 app authorization flow in your app. (If you're using an official Dropbox SDK though, refer to the specific and put the token into a field (could I insert it into my DropboxToken custom  The new button can be found on the App Console for any Dropbox API app: Once you click that button, you'll see an OAuth 2 access token that you can use to make calls to the Dropbox API. For example, here's a curl command to fetch the account info for your account:

  • It looks like /1/files_put/auto is no longer available. Try /2/files/upload instead: dropbox.com/developers/documentation/http/… curl -X POST https://content.dropboxapi.com/2/files/upload --header "Authorization: Bearer <access token>" --header "Dropbox-API-Arg: {\"path\": \"/Homework/math/Matrices.txt\",\"mode\": \"add\",\"autorename\": true,\"mute\": false}" --header "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" --data-binary @local_file.txt
  • Thanks for that. Wish I could approve both, but since Hans made it a bit more simple by laying out the code I gave it to him. However, I do appreciate the extra info.