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I would like to create NSIS installer that during the installation process checks on the www whether there is a newer application version (number). If in the network exists newer version than version provided witch installer, the installer should to download application zip file, unpack it and install the downloaded application instead of application provided with installer.

The questions are:

  • how to download file from the internet (www)?
  • how to unzip downloaded zip file?





Nsisunz plug-in, Use NSISdl or InetLoad to download files off the internet. for files unzipping, but NSIS internal compressors are good enougth to not use zip. nsisunz is a NSIS plugin which allows you to extract files from ZIP archives. nsisunz is great when you use another NSIS plug-in named NSISdl to download a ZIP file from the internet. Download a small installer which lets the user choose the components he/she want to install and the installer downloads it (QuickTime Setup does this).

As an addendum to Stu's answer, it's really important to point out that ZipDLL, while a great plug-in, is released under the GPL. If you're releasing a commercial product, you can't legally include it with your product. Additionally, the only available copy requires that you modify the source, which engages the "modification" sections of the GPL.

Nsisunz is released under an extremely open license -- just include the license text shown on the source page to distribute it, and make sure to mark any direct modification in source.

NSIS, The only time I've used one of the unzip plugins was when the content itself was dynamically retrieved (from an internet location), and thus had  ZipDLL is a extension DLL for NSIS. It can unzip files from zip files. It is especially useful in combination with NSISdl so that you don't have to download large files uncompressed. Using the header file. To use the dll, include "ZipDLL.nsh" after including the language files. To extract files from a zip file, use the following macro:

A bit late to the party, but now (with the new Windows) there are a lot of useful functions in the PowerShell. One of them does the no-hassle uncompression of the .zip files. The only downside (for me, at least) is that it is not possible to avoid extracting the directory structure (flatten out the files). Otherwise it is easy:

powershell.exe Expand-Archive <filename> <target_dir>

download -> unzip -> unzip -> install, Download NSIS from their Sourceforge page, run the installer, click Next a few times. NSIS uses itself Just like if you were creating a zip file. NSIS is magic software that can convert a password-protected ZIP file into an exe file. Install the .exe file so that it can turn into your ZIP file and you can open it without password. Step 1: Download NSIS and install it on your computer. Then run it. Step 2: Click the Installer based on ZIP file. Step 3: Click the Open button. Navigate to

How to use a zip file as source for nsi script?, The files that are downloaded include: The native Tomcat connectors (currently ofDBCPorPool classesthatare packagedwithindividual web applications. ZIP file (in this case http://downloads.sourceforge.net/nsis/nsis2.37.zip) and unzip it  7-zip Since version 9.34 [Jun 2014] till 15.06. [Jun 2015] it'll extract *beside the files of the setup* the compiled script code to a file named [NSIS].nsi; NullsoftDecompiler or NSIDis NSIDis is a open source Python script that'll help you to nearly fully recover your NSIS-installation scripts.

Super-Simple Self-Extracting Installer with NSIS – David E. Smith, ebu-mxfsdk/msvc_build/installer/NSIS/nsisunz/nsisunz_readme.html. Find file Copy <p><b>nsisunz</b> is a NSIS plugin which allows you to extract files from ZIP. archives.</p> <em>NSISdl</em> to download a ZIP file from the internet. I tried to open a locked zip file using the NSIS 2.51 and NSIS3.0rc1. However, when I extract the zip using the exe file, it extract files having no content (0 bytes). The zip contains only jpg files. please let me know if anything needs to be done. Thanks. Regards, Hitesh

Tomcat 6 Developer's Guide, FIGURE 1: Changing the settings of the Internet connection. and Internet users can access ftp01.ny. us .ibm.net and download PPRZIP from /pub /ppp. use the parameter that creates or restores the directory structure stored in nsi: Frogs/i-. ZIP file. Info-ZIP's UnZip program does this automatically, but you'll need the -d  Download v1.1: NsUnzip.zip (347 KB) Discussion: Forum thread. Description. nsUnzip plugin will test or extract files from a ZIP archive. Code of the DLL uses sources of UnZip 5.52 of 28 February 2005, by Info-ZIP. Features: Flexible extract options. Regular expressions (wildcards) may be used to match multiple members.