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I have a simple struct that looks like this:

public struct GridNeighbours
    public static Vector2Int North = new Vector2Int(0, 1);
    public static Vector2Int South = new Vector2Int(0, -1);
    public static Vector2Int East = new Vector2Int(1, 0);
    public static Vector2Int West = new Vector2Int(-1, 0);

Is there a way to "iterate" through each of these fields somehow with a for loop? Do structs by chance index their fields or something? It would make my code a lot cleaner if it was possible but I am not sure how to make it iterative.

Edit: due to this being used in a hot path in a game, is there a way to rewrite this so i can avoid reflection ?

This is not a duplicate since i need an alternative approach to avoid reflection.

public struct GridNeighbours {

    public enum Cardinal { North, East, South, West }

    public static Vector2Int[] Neighbours = { new Vector2Int(0, 1), new Vector2Int(1, 0), new Vector2Int(0, -1), new Vector2Int(-1, 0) };

    public Vector2Int this[Cardinal dirn] {
        get { return this[(int)dirn]; }
        set { this[(int)dirn] = value; }

    public Vector2Int this[int dirn] {
        get { return Neighbours[dirn]; }
        set { Neighbours[dirn] = value; }

Example use:

var cell = new GridNeighbours();
var NorthNeighbour = cell[Cardinal.North];
Assert(cell[Cardinal.South] == cell[2]); // This is true!


Alternatively, if you want "direct" properties:

public struct GridNeighbours {
    public enum Cardinal { North, East, South, West }

    public static Vector2Int[] Neighbours = { new Vector2Int(0, 1), new Vector2Int(1, 0), new Vector2Int(0, -1), new Vector2Int(-1, 0) };

    public static Vector2Int North { get { return Neighbours[0]; } set { Neighbours[0] = value; } }
    public static Vector2Int East { get { return Neighbours[1]; } set { Neighbours[1] = value; } }
    public static Vector2Int South { get { return Neighbours[2]; } set { Neighbours[2] = value; } }
    public static Vector2Int West { get { return Neighbours[3]; } set { Neighbours[3] = value; } }

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Without using reflection I don't think you can do it given the signature you have there.

What you could do is to setup an indexer on the struct that would allow you to loop.

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If you mean the possible values in the struct will not be known in the compile-time, then you can try using Reflection. More specifically, using Type.GetFields() or Type.GetProperties().


Type structType = typeof(GridNeighbours); 
FieldInfo[] fields = structType.GetFields(); 
Foreach(FieldInfo field in fields) 
    //Do something

But keeping the fact in mind that there will always be four directions, why a simple GridNeighboursInstance.North is not a preference for you.

Iterate through struct members, taken from , looping struct. Hello, Thanks in advance. I like to loop through the members of the following struct. How can I do that? Code: [View]. /* I will store  in c++11 you could use a std::tuple<int,int,char*> instead of your struct A, it will store the same kind of elements and is far easier to iterate over (using some template magic). the elements won't have names ranging from 'a' to 'c' but if you'd like to print it that way this of course can be accomplished by some extra lines of code.

If you don't want to use a dynamic way so I can suggest you to use a static way! When you have only those four members and you want to iterate over them you need to implement an AsEnumerable method inside your struct something like this:

public static IEnumerable<Vector2Int> AsEnumerable()
    for (var i = 0; i < 4; i++)
        switch (i)
            case 1:
                yield return North;
            case 2:
                yield return South;
            case 3:
                yield return East;
            case 4:
                yield return West;

I think there are some better way, But HTH ;).

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  • Hmm is there any way to re-write it so i don't have to use reflection? This is used in a game and reflection is a bit performant heavy im told. Which is no good for pathfinding etc.
  • You could use reflection initially to get the structs, but compile the getter so future calls are less expensive.
  • @CoderofCode see my edit before flagging duplicate >.>
  • Before diving into that, can you explain more about what you're trying to accomplish?
  • A static Dictionary<int,Vector2Int> would likely be quicker. Although with only 4 items I'm starting to wonder if the overhead of the indexing would nullify the efficiency.