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I have two tables that have exact same set of columns. I'd like to select all rows that don't exactly match. Is there a way to do that without joining by every column or typing every column's name in any other way (I have a large number of them)?

If the number, type and order of columns are exactly the same, you can use the EXCEPT (or in some DBMS MINUS) operator to remove all rows from the first table, that match a row from the second table (by every column).

       FROM table1
       FROM table2;

(Use EXCEPT ALL, if you don't want or need duplicate elimination. If you want also the result when the operands are interchanged, you can use UNION (or UNION ALL to union the results of a second EXCEPT operation. In doubt use parenthesis to prioritize the operations as needed.)

Quick and best way to Compare Two Tables in SQL, You have two tables in same database or server that you wish to compare, and check if any changes in the column values or see if any row is missing in It also handles the NULL values to other NULL values which JOIN or  Find all ID's for rows where the row's Address and State field matched another row's Address and State field. The answer to this query would be: ID Address State Name ----- 0 7 Brown NY John 3 7 Brown NY Fred Any Ideas?

use minus

select * from tableA
   select * from tableB

If the query returns no rows then the data is exactly the same.

Ways to compare and find differences for SQL Server tables and data, Let's say that we have two similar tables in different databases and we want This method works to verify new rows, but if we update other columns, the I have a requirement to find the difference between two tables of same  Create your own query to find unmatched records. One the Create tab, in the Queries group, click Query Design. In the Show Table dialog box, double-click the table that has unmatched records, and then double-click the table that has related records. Close the Show Table dialog box.

You could use JOIN by PK and compare all other columns using:

FROM src s
  ON =
WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT s.col1, s.col2, s.col3, s.col4
                  SELECT t.col1, t.col2, t.col3, t.col4);

Please note that this approach allows to compare data side-by-side.

DBFiddle Demo


That still requires to explicitly mention every column? I'd rather not to.

Yes, but you could use drag and drop from object explorer(SSMS/TOAD/Oracle Developer) and avoid manually typing them.

There is SELECT * EXCEPT(only Google Big Query):

FROM src s
  ON =
                  SELECT t.* EXCEPT;

Different Ways to Compare SQL Server Tables Schema and Data , In other situations, you need an easy way to get the YES or NO answer, will fill the two tables with five identical rows, then insert another new record used to compare two tables, based on the common unique column such  Find duplicate values in two columns. To highlight duplicate values in two or more columns, you can use conditional formatting with on a formula based on the COUNTIF and AND functions. In the example shown, the formula used to highlight duplicate values is: Both ranges were selected at the same when the rule was created.

MySQL Compare Two Tables to Find Unmatched Records, For example, we have a new database whose schema is different from the legacy The following steps compare two tables and identify the unmatched records: If the values in the columns that need to compare are identical, the COUNT(*)  In order to union two tables there are a couple of requirements: The number of columns must be the same for both select statements. The columns, in order, must be of the same data type. When rows are combined duplicate rows are eliminated. If you want to keep all rows from both select statement’s results use the ALL keyword.

How to compare tables in SQL Server, In other words, you need to be sure that anything that was supposed to If the number of rows in the first query (INERSECT) is the same as the How can we use sys.columns to see if two tables have the same schema? If the columns have different names in both tables, you might need to select the right column manually by clicking the little black arrow next to the Table 2 column on the right-hand side: Step 6 . In the final step, you choose how to deal with the found items and click Finish .

How to find out the content differences between 2 SQL tables and , This works because union implicitly returns distinct records. Note the column names in the source and target need not match, as they can be aliased to each other using an "as" statement To find the differences between two identical tables I want to compare two tables to see if they have the same rows. Answer: You can use SQL to compare two tables. When you talk about comparing two tables, there are two different types of comparison methods: Compare table structure: Compare column names, column datatypes, and compare indexes and constraints

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