Ionic CLI not uninstalling

Ionic CLI not uninstalling

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This is related to my previous question here which was never resolved. I am trying to fix the problem by doing a fresh reinstall of Ionic.

I first tried uninstalling Ionic with sudo npm uninstall -g ionic, and it completes with no errors, but doing ionic -v still outputs 2.1.1, so obviously it didn't really get uninstalled. After that I tried sudo npm install -g ionic@latest, and my problem still persists.

What is even weirder is what happened when I tried to create a new project from scratch to test it. I did ionic start test --v2 on my Ubuntu machine, and doing ionic serve still does the same thing that I stated in my previous question.

I had the same issue for resolving this

  1. Run npm uninstall -g ionic
  2. Go to the location "/usr/local/bin/"
  3. Delete Ionic File
  4. Close terminal
  5. Open new terminal and run "npm uninstall -g ionic"
  6. Now run "ionic -v"

Cannot uninstall ionic, Installing on top of my previous installation of ionic 1 appears to Cannot uninstall Ionic 1.7.14 · ionic- Uninstalled using npm uninstall -g ionic It turns out that ionic-cli works for both v1 (if you have some v1 code) and v2. Ionic recommends installing a new version of the command-line interface (cli) regularly, such as before linking an app to Appflow via `ionic link` or `ionic start. The command for installing the cli is npm install -g ionic@latest , which does a Node Package Manager (npm) global install of the latest version of the Ionic cli.

What is your node and npm versions ?

Please update latest node js ( then check that

 node -v  
 npm -v

Node version must be v8.5.0 (includes npm 5.3.0) and then

 sudo npm uninstall -g ionic 
 sudo npm cache clean --force
 sudo npm install ionic

check the ionic version

ionic -v 

version will be ^3.10.1. If everything is ok you can use new project command as given below

ionic start --list 

you can see what kind of project types here as an example

ionic start blank

Cannot uninstall Ionic 1.7.14 - ionic-v1, Once uninstall is complete, you can reinstall the Ionic framework by using the following command line. npm install -g cordova ionic. Comments. Cordova CLI: Not installed Ionic CLI Version: 2.1.17 Ionic App Lib Version: 2.1.7 ios-deploy version: Not installed ios-sim version: Not installed OS: Linux 4.4 Node Version: v6.9.2 Xcode version: Not installed. Strangely, running sudo ionic info prints: sudo: ionic: command not found. The above "fix" with sudo chown didn't work for me. 👍

If you are checking the ionic version inside project folder then try to remove the ionic cli without -g option. It may be possible that you have installed local version of ionic inside project.

How to uninstall Ionic framework from NodeJS in Windows?, CLI documentation > CLI commands · npm-uninstall Remove a package [-S|--​save|-D|--save-dev|-O|--save-optional|--no-save] aliases: remove, rm, r, un,  $ npm uninstall -g ionic # Then install the new CLI package $ npm install -g @ionic/cli This new package name coincides with the release of the CLI’s 6.0. This includes some new features which can all be reviewed in the Changelog. The old CLI package will not be updated to the newer 6.0 releases and has an official deprecated warning now.

This probably happens due to multiple installations of ionic in your machine, more so this happens on windows. Run: "where ionic" in your command prompt

if it does not work try :

"which ionic" !! (probably linux)

This will give you the location of your installed ionic, in windows its mostly ..Local\AppData\Roaming.. somewhere.

Go to that location delete ionic and ionic.cmd file there.

Run: ionic -v now, make sure it gives you an error.

Be Happy if you see error.

run: npm install ionic@latest -g now

Run: ionic -v, make sure you see your latest ionic version there.

Be more happy now.

npm-uninstall, Uninstalling ionic and cordova from npm: npm uninstall -g ionic cordova. 2. Why does Ionic Framework strongly recommend Cordova and not PhoneGap? Ionic CLI. The Ionic command line interface (CLI) is your go-to tool for developing Ionic apps. Installation npm install -g @ionic/cli Detailed installation instructions can be found in the CLI documentation. Usage. The Ionic CLI ships with command documentation, accessible in your terminal by using the --help flag.

Is there a way to uninstall Ionic 4.10 and revert back to version 3 , Bug Report Ionic Info Run ionic info from a terminal/cmd prompt and @​memphis23 Hmm, I would just try fully uninstalling and then installing again. Node/npm installation on your Windows machine, not an Ionic CLI issue. Ionic apps are created and developed primarily through the Ionic command line utility (the “CLI”), and use Cordova to build/deploy as a native app. This means we need to install a few utilities to get developing. Most of the tooling in the CLI is based on Node and is managed through npm. The quickest way to get Node and NPM installed on

Update ionic version · Issue #3743 · ionic-team/ionic-cli · GitHub, Description: Building ios application on ionic fails due to missing config directory Steps to Reproduce: install ionic cli 4.3.0 yarn global add ionic@4.3.0 from an ionic Cannot read property 'IONIC_CONFIG_DIRECTORY' of undefined The workaround is to match the global/local versions OR uninstall the  Command to remove Cordova and ionic. For Window system. npm uninstall -g ionic; npm uninstall -g cordova; For Mac system . sudo npm uninstall -g ionic; sudo npm uninstall -g cordova; For install cordova and ionic. npm install -g cordova ; npm install -g ionic; Note: If you want to install in MAC System use before npm use sudo only.

ionic-team/ionic-cli, module.ts so it no longer uses your custom error handler class. Remove IonicErrorHandler from the Providers list and instead use it for the value  After installing Ionic, and then trying to start a project, I does not create the folder to the project. Any help? CMD log: Microsoft Windows Version 10.0.14393 2016 Microsoft Corporation.