How to build ionic1- project in ionic3 environment?

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My boss gave me an ionic1 project, but my computer is the ionic3 environment. How can I package the project.

'python' : "v-2.7"
'node'   : "v-8.9"
'cordova': 'v-7.1'
'ionic'  : "v-3.18"

You have to just use this command

ionic start <YOUR APP NAME> --type=ionic1

hope this works for you

[Solved] Unable to run ionic 1 project with ionic 3 CLI, But i found that all my existing ionic v1 project cannot serve or build anymore. have any idea how could I setup ionic 1 environment locally for certain project? Just follow the setup instructions for creating a new project. Ionic 3 apps are designed principally through the Ionic command line utility (the “CLI”), and utilize Cordova to build and deploy as a native app. Therefore, some utilities must be installed to start developing. The Ionic CLI is a fantastic tool for developing Ionic apps. It will help you along your developing journey to do things such as building your app for ios or android platforms or to add cordova plugins.

you can create new project from template also

 ionic start [<project_name>] [<template>] --type=ionic1


ionic start myApp tabs --type=ionic1

for more info:

Installing Ionic and its Dependencies, Ionic makes it incredibly easy to build beautiful and interactive mobile apps using HTML5 and Angular. and improving our device compatibility and would love help from the community on our GitHub project. Cordova requires the ANDROID_HOME environment variable to be set. ionic start todo blank --type ionic1. The production build configuration is set up to replace the environment.ts file with That means when we create a production build with ionic build --prod , the file will be used in place of environment.ts .

You can use the following code for building Ionic version 1 app in Ionic 3 environment

For sidemenu: ionic start yourappname sidemenu --type ionic1

For tabs: ionic start yourappname tabs --type ionic1

Setup your development environment to build Ionic apps, It installs all dependencies for you and sets up your project. If you want to create an Ionic 1 app you should add –type ionic1 like this: $ ionic start  How-to: Use different environment variables for production and development with ionic 3 Automatically build Android APK for Ionic 3 project stored in GitLab Animations stop working after building project scaffolded by Fountain Webapp Generator

Developing An App Using Ionic 1 and AngularJS (Part 1), environment, and then building a simple hybrid app using Ionic Framework. of their Framework, of which apps were built using Ionic 1 and AngularJS. we run the below command to create an App project that comes by  Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more How can we build an ionic project in Ubuntu 18.04, which is developed and built in windows environment?

Can't build ionic v1 project (since ionic v4 update) · Issue #3406 , Description: I can't build my ionic v1 app Steps to Reproduce: `ionic info` is a CLI command that prints out environment information. --> dwieeb added bug project type: ionic1 and removed triage labels on Jul 26, 2018. To install it, simply run: $ sudo npm install -g ionic. Create the project. Now, we need to create a new Cordova project somewhere on the computer for the code for our app: $ ionic start todo blank --type ionic1. That will create a folder called todo in the directory the command was run. Next, we will go into that directory and list the

How to build ionic1- project in ionic3 environment?, My boss gave me an ionic1 project, but my computer is the ionic3 environment. How can I package the project. 'python' : "v-2.7" 'node' : "v-8.9" 'cordova': 'v-7.1'  Learn how to setup development environment for Ionic framework to develop cool mobile applications. codedamn is a now free platform for developers to learn and establish their credibility. Ready

  • thank you.Is this command for new projects? But the boss has given me a code for the project that's online. Let me build it
  • Yes this command is for new project creation, you also copy your code to it