SSIS Package not reading the last row in flat file

I have SSIS Package which will load .EXT file into my Database table.

The package Flat File connection manager Editor properties are
   Format: Ragged Right
   Code Page: 1252 ANSI (Latin-I)
   Text Qualifier: <None>
    Header Row Delimiter: <LF>

While trying to preview the file before loading, i am able to see all the rows in columns and preview tab of Flat File connection manager Editor.

But in actual loading of the file, last record alone is not getting imported into table. It was loading fine and still it is processing the file on daily basis. Only for two days file, it was not imported last records. I am trying to find the root cause.

I suspected something wrong with the file, but i do not find any differences between the working and not-working version of files.

Please suggest us to resolve the same. Kindly let me know if any informations required.

I ran into the same issue and did some research to find a solution that worked from me. Apparently the SSIS package had gone through a conversion from an earlier version at one point. When the conversion was done, the text qualifier property on the flat file connection was mangled. It had originally been <none>, but the conversion changed it to _x003C_none_x003E_. I opened the flat file connection manager and changed the text qualifier property on the general tab back to the proper value of <none>.

Credit goes to this thread for providing the answer.

SSIS Package Not Importing Last Row in Flat File – SQLServerCentral, I have an SSIS package that imports a bunch of .csv flat files. I am using a Flat File connection for each file type and running each file though a  Step 2: Create an SSIS Package and create two variables. VarFooter : This should be string type and we will save our last row from flat file into it. VarFilePath : This should be string type and we will save Source File path into it.

I had a similar issue. My flat file didn't had any text qualifiers. When i added a text qualifier the package ran successfully. My guess is that the file is read as text and the CRLF is not recognized at the last line.

SSIS flat file manager - skips the last record, I had the same problem on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64. A flat file source would not load the last record So this answer helped me, and now it's working fine. A flat file source would not load the last record So this answer helped me, and now it's working fine. Go to advanced column view, select all the columns and set the text qualification drop down to false for all the columns.

If you can provide a sample of the data from the file

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  • it is very obvious problem.. Edit your file and enter a line feed after last character in your file (simple enter a new line after last line). And try again.
  • Look at your file in something like notepad++ and show special characters. You'll probably find that it's missing the record delimiter.
  • @Amnesh Goel, That was the first thing i was looking. When i was checking the file, line feed was there..I am not sure what else is causing issue.
  • Okay tell me what is your line terminator? and Did you check that you have the same line terminator at the end. QuickFix .. Just copy and paste last row and try it again. If your system read the last line only once, then it confirms that problem is with last line terminator. And if it happens then remove everything from very last line and it will work then.
  • @Nick,McDermaid, I have opned file in Notepad++, CRLF special character was there..Something else causing the issue..Any other suggestions..