How to run rm command on windows 10?

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rm -rf windows
rm' is not recognized as an internal or external command
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"build": "rm -rf ./build && mkdir ./build && ./node_modules/.bin/babel -d ./build ./src"

This is the command in package.json and it gives me an error saying:

rm is not recognized as internal or external command.
Invalid switch /build

That script was written for the UNIX shell, which does not work on windows. The correct way to do this in a cross-platform way is to use rimraf & mkdirp.

Also, the ./node_modules/.bin/babel portion could be shortened to simply babel (./node_modules/.bin/babel doesn't work on windows IIRC).

Properly written, the script should be:

"build": "rimraf ./build && mkdirp ./build && babel -d ./build ./src"

For this script to work, you will have to install rimraf and mkdirp. You can do this by running:

npm install --save-dev rimraf mkdirp

The --save-dev flag will add rimraf and mkdirp to your package.json's devDependencies section so that they will automatically be installed with future npm installs.

What's the equivalent to 'rm -rf' with Windows command?, I need to delete a whole directory (with a lot of sub directories and files) by running a command in a batch file. I tried delete and erase, but both of them requires me  In order to run bash commands on Windows you need to install Bash complied for Windows. Install Cygwin and add bin directory to you PATH variable. Windows 10 does not provide a UNIX shell by default. You'll need the appropriate UNIX utilities (such as rm) and a shell that supports the syntax you specified.

In order to run bash commands on Windows you need to install Bash complied for Windows. Install Cygwin and add bin directory to you PATH variable.

rm -- remove files, rm removes each specified file argument (provided that it is a valid path name). If you specify either This option relies upon the underlying operating system's capability to perform the action at reboot time. -f If you specify both -f and -i, rm uses the option that appears last on the command line. -i. prompts Windows 10​. Press Windows+X to open the Power Users menu, and then click “Command Prompt” or “Command Prompt (Admin).”. Note: If you see PowerShell instead of Command Prompt on the Power Users menu, that’s a switch that came about with the Creators Update for Windows 10.

How To Delete a Folder Using Command Prompt of Windows, Open a command prompt (Press the windows icon key and R to open the run window). Type cmd How Do You Troubleshoot Sound Issues in Windows 10 →​  Run a Windows container. For this simple example, a ‘Hello World’ container image will be created and deployed. For the best experience, run these commands in an elevated command prompt window (but don't use the Windows PowerShell ISE—it doesn't work for interactive sessions with containers, as the containers appear to hang).

Use rd /s /q "folder name" instead of rm -rf "folder name"

Delete Folder using cmd on Windows 10- Clear files using Terminal , Open Run Command box using the shortcut Windows Key + R. Type as cmd and click OK. Execute cmd; Type rmdir C:\Users\TecKangaroo\  If you know the right keyboard shortcut and the right commands, the Windows 10 run command can be a powerful tool. We explore 12 run commands everyone should know.

Not to Bash, but in Windows you can use the built-in remove directory (rd) command:

RD /S /Q "folder-name"

How to delete a file, directory, or folder, Microsoft Windows users can delete a file or folder (directory) using users can delete files through the console by using the rm command. Run a command: Windows + P: Project a screen: Alt + Tab: Switch to previous window: Alt + Space: Restore, move, size, minimize, maximize or close current window. Also works like a charm for

How to delete files through the Windows 10 command prompt, Type CMD for the command prompt in Windows, right click and Run as administrator. At the “ c:\Windows” prompt. Change the directory  Open Command Prompt in Windows 7, Vista, or XP. Open the Start menu from the bottom-left corner of the screen. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, it's a bit faster to enter command in the search Go to All Programs > Accessories . Choose Command Prompt from the list of programs.

rm command doesn't work in Windows · Issue #1 · GarmanGroup , The rm command doesn't work in Windows, so I get the following error charliebury added a commit that referenced this issue on Oct 10, 2016. If a file or directory that rm tries to delete is write-protected, you will be prompted to make sure that you really want to delete it. rm -rf mydirectory. Same as the above command, but you will never be prompted; if rm can delete the files, it will. Related commands. rmdir — Remove a directory.

How do I remove files from the command line?, rm -i filename, Removes file filename after confirmation, The -i is To open the Windows command line shell select the Run item from the Start 

  • Before I got a Mac, I did all of my command-line type development in the Git Bash which emulates a UNIX style terminal for your environment