How to import class using ES6 syntax? (without Babel)

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I have file with a ES6 class with default export:


   export default class AccessManagerClient {

And I want to import it like this:


import AccessManagerClient from '../someFolder/accessmanager';

When I run my spec I get an error:

import AccessManagerClient from '../someFolder/accessmanager';

SyntaxError: Unexpected token import

I have such npm and node versions:

$ npm -v

$ node -v

You can't without Babel or some other packager/bundler/transpiler, because Node doesn't have native support for import/export yet. Either use Node's own modules, or a packager/bundler/transpiler.

Its now August 2017, can I use ES6 without Babel?, ? Absolutely. But, if high compatibility with every damn browser out there is a priority for you, then you should consider transpiling a version for those platforms, or just stay with transpiling everything for a while longer. We require use Babel.js to arrange it to the code Node.js backings and run it by utilizing npm run-script run, and you can see it works. In the code beneath, we utilize import * as calc, which implies it will import all variables this module sends out, as properties of calc. On the other hand we can simply import a few variables we need and utilize then as independent variables as beneath.

I know that this is an old question. But in case others still look for alternative, now with the new Node version, we can use without Babel:

So what you need to do is upgrading your Node version. FYI: This Node version v10.9.0 is still experimental.

What's New in Node.js 12: ESM Imports, (without Babel). import not working in node express es6 nodejs import vs require babel nodejs npm esm es modules node cannot use import statement outside a  Use ES modules/ES6 import in Node without Babel/Webpack using `esm` Node has been implementing more and more ES6+ (ESNext) features natively. One of the features that is taking the longest to implement is modules.

Using ES Modules in the Browser Today, First, install the module with npm i esm or yarn add esm (if you're using Yarn). Then, in “scripts” in package.json , for your start script: node -r esm [.js entrypoint]​  Note that in today’s time, almost 99% of ES6+ syntax can be used in Node.js. This is where the package called babel shines. Babel takes a js file, converts the code in it, and outputs into a new file.

Use ES modules/ES6 import in Node without Babel/Webpack using , import Module, {function} from 'module'export default class Thing {} Babel takes our written ES6 code in javascript and converts it into a readable version module that allows one to use the latest JavaScript syntax without needing to specify  if you want to use the full es6 language feature, then the answer is no. the one feature no-one has been able to implement yet is the python-like module “import / export” syntax. it is absurdly complicated and performance-killing (just take a look

How to import class using ES6 syntax? (without Babel), While not a terrible thing in and of itself, it does come with a lot of other that were once Babel-only are now in Node.js as first-class citizens, you won't have to worry about how import s or require s are resolved since many of Babel was all the great syntactic sugar it exposed from ES6 a few years back. Conclusion. In this article, you’ve seen how to set up a build system for modern JavaScript. Initially, this used Babel from the command line to convert ES6 syntax down to ES5. You’ve then seen how to make use of ES6 modules with the export and import keywords, how to integrate webpack to perform a bundling task,

How to use `import/export` in Node without Babel – Corey Cleary, There is also a function-like dynamic import() , which does not require Syntax. import defaultExport from "module-name"; import * as name from It is possible to have a default export (whether it is an object, a function, a class, etc.). and Microsoft Edge Team: Previewing ES6 Modules and more from  Use ES6 JavaScript syntax (require, import etc.) in your Front end project. Originally published by Balasubramani M on July 3rd 2018 @ balasubramanim Balasubramani M

  • Not possible to work with import and export without babel (or another transpiler that does the same as babel). You can use old school const AccessManagerClient = require('...'); The more interesting question is, why not use babel?
  • thank you for your help