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I have the following condition:

if column is NULL, or have value like Unassessed or ABC then the result should be I.

I need help how to put three in one condition like below. Just confused with NULL value. And it is string in column.

JobAssessStage  ='Unassessed','','ABC'

JobAssessStage in ('Unassessed','','ABC')

Use below condition with is null

JobAssessStage in ('Unassessed','ABC') or JobAssessStage is null

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use case when for multiple condition

select case when JobAssessStage in ('Unassessed','ABC') or    
JobAssessStage is null then 'I' else 'You' End
from yourtable

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In some cases you can use also use COALESCE function (it returns the first non-null expression in a list) on JobAssessStage field:

COALESCE(JobAssessStage, 'X') in ('Unassessed','ABC','X') 

If JobAssessStage is NULL with COALESCE the value you're testing becomes X.

I told you "in some cases" because you have to be sure that the value you have chosen (X) is not a value that your field can take.

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You can formulate your like below:

  FROM table
WHERE 1 = 1
  AND (JobAssessStage IN ('Unassessed', 'ABC') 
       OR JobAssessStage IS NULL);

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