How can I execute commands in git-bash in windows which are located in a folder with spaces ie "Program Files"?

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When I use git bash, from time to time I want to invoke a command wich is on my $PATH ( well actually on my %PATH% ) but if the command resides somewhere in a folder with spaces on it, it fails to run.

For instance if the program is on C:\Program Files\whatever\aCmd.exe and I type aCmd on bash, it says "Program" is not a valid program and such.

What I did was to re-install the program in a folder without spaces, but recently my coworkers are starting to leave git-gui and are using git-bash and the recurrent question is "How do I execute aCmd" and when I tell them to re-install it they go like ¬¬

Q. How can I execute commands in git-bash which are located in a folder with spaces?

Just put the command to execute between double quotes, like so

"C:\Program Files\whatever\aCmd.exe"

bash - How to execute script in different directory?, How do I navigate to a folder in Git bash? Directly through Git Bash using commands; By opening Git Bash in the desired folder . Browse to desired Directory through Commands in Git Bash. You can change the directory inside Git Bash with the help of cd command. cd command is commonly used in the shell of your system (cmd) for the same purpose.

To reach the directory which has the spaces in it's path you just need to wrap the whole path with quotes. It should look like this:

cd "/c/Some Folder/Some Other Folder/"

Use The Command Prompt To Open And Display Folder Contents In , The windows path is added to the $PATH and some translation image below, there first command gives the error directory does not exist but the second one Files/Git/cmd:/mnt/c/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft SQL Server/Client (ie $​HOME/bin ) In case you need to run incognito mode from your WSL Windows 7 64-bit git version Git Bash I have an executable script located in a folder with spaces, and what to use it for git over SSH. However, it seems that it is simply not possible to define GIT_SSH so that it points

Where there are special characters in a file name (spaces, $, parenthesis...) you need to place a backslash ahead of the character so that it reads it as is.

For example, if you want to run the program notepad++.exe straight from Bash and need to direct the path to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\

Then you would code the path in your bash.rc file as follows:

export PATH=$PATH:/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Notepad++:<path2>:<path3>:...<pathn>:

Note the backslashes leading the spaces and parentheses.

You can even add an additional line on the next line of your bash.rc file:

alias npp=notepad++

which will create a shortcut, allowing you to type npp straight into Bash, instead of having to type out the full program name notepad++ every time.

I'm a total noob, just started coding 4 days ago, though I found for this problem the best website was the following:

Hope this helps! :D

Using the command line: Open Foris, You can run both Linux and Windows programs from the same Bash shell, or even incorporate Windows commands into a Bash script. the path contains complex characters like spaces and brackets, like the Program Files folders. program located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe. The best way to define Git bash (for Windows or Linux or Mac) is that it's a source control management system that you can download and install on your Windows machine where you will be able to type Git commands to make source code management easier through versioning and the commit history.

Commands in git-bash accept paths within double quotes

"C:\Program Files\whatever\aCmd.exe"

or back slash for scaping the blank space

c/Program\ Files/whatever/aCmd.exe

Hope it helps!

Spaces in windows path breaks in Bash · Issue #1766 · microsoft , pwd is equivalent to executing cd on a DOS(Windows console host) terminal. This is the folder or path that the current Bash session resides in. The Bash command  Git Bash uses cmd.exe for its terminal plus extentions from MSYS/MinGW which are provided by sh.exe, a sort of cmd.exe wrapper. In Windows you launch a new terminal using the start command.

How to Run Windows Programs from Windows 10's Bash Shell, Commands mostly read and write files in the current working directory, i.e. 'here', so knowing where you are before running a command is important. default - Linux and Windows output may differ slightly, but should be generally similar. man or --help , eg. man works for macOS and --help typically works for Git Bash). You don't need to call bash or sh to run a bash script from DOS. Simply write your bash script in a file called git-xxx (replace xxx by something more expressive) (no extension). Then, from your DOS (provided your %PATH% include <git>/bin ), call:

Git bash: Definition, commands, & getting started, A terminal is a program you run that gives you access to the shell. Use the space key to go forward and b to go backwards. When you are done reading, just hit q to exit. Unfortunately Git Bash for Windows does not have the man command​. By default, the ls commands lists the contents of the working directory (i.e. the​  @emrsmsrli this isn't all that useful when it's the automatically generated path (Ubuntu + Windows) that has the spaces. I don't plan on typing /mnt/c/some\ long\ path\app.exe every time I want to run something that's already in the path.

Navigating Files and Directories – The Unix Shell, You will need to have Git and Bash setup on your computer to complete this lesson The command line or terminal is where you provide Bash commands You can also write and execute scripts in Bash just like you can in R or Python path (i.e., doesn't have a leading slash), the new directory is created  In the Creators Update, Windows 10’s Bash shell now allows you to run Windows binaries and standard Command Prompt commands, right from Bash. You can run both Linux and Windows programs from the same Bash shell, or even incorporate Windows commands into a Bash script.