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I want to load a file with extension of npy that is inside folder named 1.5. But I am getting an error that no such file or directory exist. Perhaps there is some mistake in defining path. Can someone please point out my mistake and tell me how to fix that?

`def data_set(Input,hc):
    return a

Your code is looking for a folder called hc not 1.5, and is coincidentally looking in Input because the string literal matches the function parameter.

To construct path names, do this instead:


How to load data from other directory?, How to load data from other directory?. Learn more about directory, cd, path, data‚Äč, load. Select a Web Site. Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. Based on your location, we recommend that you select: .

You have to use f-strings (or other ways of string formatting) if you want to put variables in strings. Like this (notice the f before the " and the {} in the string);

def data_set(Input,hc):
    return a

How to Load Data from a Folder in Power BI, to import data from multiple files from a folder in this Power BI tutorial. sales files, each representing sales generated in a different country:. You can save the text file from your assets folder to anywhere in the sdcard, then you can read the file from the other application. This method uses the getExternalFilesDir, that returns the absolute path to the directory on the primary shared/external storage device where the application can place persistent files it owns.

You can use the method format:


Loading Data From Folder, My previous post (found here) talks about loading data from a folder. In on when a file was moved or copied from one place to another. And inside i have mulitple folders with error report, productivity report, timesheet etc. Download the zip file mentioned above and extract the Monthly Data folder down to your desktop. Open up PowerBI Desktop and click on the Get Data button and select All on the left side. Click on the item labeled Folder and click Connect to continue. Get Data from Folder . Select the newly unzipped Monthly Data folder

Dealing with files, Inside this first folder, create another folder to store your first website in. functionality to your site (e.g. buttons that load data when clicked). myfile.m refers to the myfile.m file in the current folder. /myfolder refers to the myfolder folder in the current folder/myfolder/myfile.m refers to the myfile.m file in the myfolder folder, where myfolder is at same level as the current folder. Each repetition of ../ at the beginning of the path moves up an additional folder level.

[PDF] Data Folders, Using data folders, you can store your data within an experiment in a hierarchical Browse other Igor experiment files and load data from them into memory. For copying, click the Organize button on the toolbar and choose the Copy command from the menu. Yes, you can cut and copy files just like you can cut and copy text and graphics. Open the destination folder. Use the Windows Explorer window to browse to the folder, on whatever media, into which you want to move or copy the file (or files).

Organize files in folders on Mac, As you create documents, install apps, and do other work, add new folders to stay organized. Put several items in a folder: Select the items, then drag one of the items to the folder. Make a copy of an item within the same folder: Select the item, then choose File Manage cookies and other website data in Safari. I have a C# project (Windows Console Application). I have created a folder named Data inside project. There are two text files inside folder Data. How can I read the text files from "Data" folder.