Format string XXX is not a valid format string so it should not be passed to String.format

I have android app and this string in resources:

<string name="create_group_select_people">Select up to %1$d people!</string>

This is called from fragment:

Integer countMax = 5; //also tried just "int" - nothing changed
getResources().getString(R.string.create_group_select_people, countMax);

but I got error:

Format string 'create_group_select_people' is not a valid format string so it should not be passed to String.format

I can't understand what is wrong? When I launch app - it shows me literally "Select up to %1$d people!"

I just copied the code and it works well. so you may need to check some other place,Here are my suggestions.

  1. clean project
  2. check multi-language files
  3. or just use String.format just like others said

Advanced C++: Master the technique of confidently writing robust , Format string XXX is not a valid format string so it should not be passed to String.​format. 똘켓. 2019. 3. 15. 19:26 댓글수0 공감수0. Caused by java.util. Notify("The string format you typed is not valid, the correct format shoule be 12-123-123-1234-12345 or 12345-123-1234-12-12345",NotificationType.Error);Reset(TextInput1)) Please check the following GIF screenshot for more details: Note: You should type xx-xxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxxx string value or xxxxx-xxx-xxxx-xx-xxxxx string value within the Text

Set parameter formatted to true in resources:

<string name="some_text" formatted="true">
    Use for String.format method. Parameter one: %s1

and use this way:

String.format(context.getString(R.string.some_text,"value 1"))

or this way:

context.getString(R.string.some_text,"value 1"))

Note:formatted flag should be set to true only for strings with placeholders

Practical Dojo Projects, Different valid parameters are passed in the configuration file, for example, product executable name, version number, database connectivity information, IP address to connect to the server, and so The string should contain no more than 16 characters • The string should be XXX format, where X must be a digit from 0-9. The formatted input functions (fscanf() and related functions) use similarly specified format strings and impose similar restrictions on their format strings and arguments. Do not supply an unknown or invalid conversion specification or an invalid combination of flag character, precision, length modifier, or conversion specifier to a formatted

Try File -> Invalidate Caches / Restart..., it fixed the problem for me.

Organizational Change and Innovation Processes: Theory and Methods , So even though that string is in the correct form for an IP address, it's still not enables you to validate whether a string matches a given numeric format. This really handy method can be used to validate things like telephone numbers, for example. The object you pass in as the second argument contains a single format  Dim myFinalText As String myFinalText = String.Format("My name is : {0}", myName) myFinalText = "My name is : " + myName in your article you mention about "I'm sure you'll agree that the string format expression is much easier to read and change at runtime."

For the sake of others who might find this thread, one possible cause of this warning is that you have multiple languages defined in string resource files and you did not specify format arguments in one or more of them.

For example, if you have a strings.xml in your values folder, and another strings.xml in your values-es folder, but you only added format arguments to the strings.xml in your values folder, then the warning will be triggered because of the lack of format arguments in the string resource of strings.xml in your values-es folder.

Pylint features, The first three lines of the program (CAL, ALLOCATE, EQV) should not change. The FORMAT section of the DATA line must be only on one line.4 This string of 36 series can be aggregated and printed to an output file during any single pass series are aggregated the "37" should be replaced by the correct number and  Illegal values (out-of-bounds as well as syntax errors) in a format string means that the format string is not a valid instance of this format. For example, new Date('2018-01-32') and new Date('2018-02-29') will result in a Invalid Date. Extended Years. The date time format of ECMAScript also specifies extended years which are six digit year

You need String formatter. Please change below code from

 getResources().getString(R.string.create_group_select_people, countMax);


String temp =  String.format(getResources().getString(R.string.create_group_select_people), countMax);

For more detail information refer

[PDF] Working with strings, formatting, tokenizing, regular expressions and , Interpret the stdin as a python script, whose filename needs to be passed as This is a python new-style format string used to format the message Add to this list to register other decorators that produce valid properties. Regular expression which should only match function or class names that do not require a docstring. The formatted string will appear in the format correct for the locale. For example, consider the three following format strings: - "#,0.", which uses the thousands separator to format the number 100 million as the string "100,000,000". - "#0,.", which uses scaling by a factor of one thousand to format the number 100 million as the string "100000".

String, Warning: These function do not work with UTF-8 strings. See. Poco::UTF8 for Poco::NumberFormatter provides static methods to format numbers into strings. Used as a prefix for a GVariant type string (not a prefix for a format string, so &s is a valid format string but &@s is not). Denotes that a C pointer to serialised data should be used in place of the normal C type. See Pointers below. ^ Used as a prefix on some specific types of format strings.

Module:Citation/CS1/Date validation, The reason this keyword does not use Python's standard title() errors argument controls what to do if decoding some bytes fails. All values accepted by decode method in Python are valid, but in practice the following values are most useful: The template is formatted using Python's format string syntax. printf("Hello world"); is fine and has no security vulnerability. The problem lies with: printf(p); where p is a pointer to an input that is controlled by the user. It is prone to format strings attacks: user can insert conversion specifications to take control of the program, e.g., %x to dump memory or %n to overwrite memory.

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  • any name collisions with 'create_group_select_people'? the string looks legit
  • Borys, no name collisions in project
  • yeah, I guessed something is wrong with the IDE. glad it worked for you
  • By the way you will get the same error message if you use <xliff:g> (tag using for translation strings) in the string
  • clean project did not helped, there're no multi-language files in project, String.format gives same error, but Invalidate Caches and restart worked, somehow error disappeared and it works ok now
  • Clean build worked for me. Why does this work do you know? What went wrong in the first instance.
  • Number 2 did it for me. At first I thought there was a problem with lint because I was seeing the same warning three times, but it turns out it was one for each of the languages were the string wasn't formatted correctly
  • I'm not sure about others but for me, there is an issue with the percentage(%) symbol may be it is related to Unicode. There should be a small symbol ( not the big symbol( Hope this helps :)