Attatch debugger to Android Device not working in Netbeans (not emulator)

could not connect to remote process. aborting debug session.
android studio debugger not working
android debugging not working
android studio debug on device
android studio debugger not attaching automatically
waiting for application to come online: could not connect to remote process. aborting debug session.
android studio debug option not showing
debugger session could not attach

I cant seem to attach the debugger when trying to execute my code on Galaxy 2 T989. I am using Netbeans with the standard Android development plugin.

When I try to attach the debugger, the dialog pops up in netbeans. There is no device shown (I am guessing its defaulting to my phone since it lets me select the process. I select the process (Not shown in the image), but when I try to click on ok, it does absolutely nothing. The dialog stays open and nothing changes. My phone still shows "Waiting for Debugger".

 //cant post image as I don't have enough points

I would much prefer to debug off my phone because I am dealing with sockets and would rather have real world simulation of the data being transferred. I am using 4.0.3 SDK, code runs fine on my 2.3.5 on my phone, I have not tried it on my Prime yet.

1) install usb_driver

2) set your device option on USB debugging

Not able to debug app on android device, And I did not notice that, just thought another app prevent me debug or that if you get this problem on the emulator, running adb reconnect worked for me. there is a their device along netbeans NB Android but on debug there's no on attach the debugger to android Process and set debugger to java. The PATH is the list of default locations that the OS will search for executables if you just specify the name of what you want to run, so adding the folder containing adb to your PATH should have no adverse impact on anything (as long as you only extend the PATH and do not remove anything already on there).

For those coming by to solve this issue, I found the solution. Its quite simple. Go into your plugins menu from tools. After you have done that, go into the installed tab and make sure your "User Installed Plugins" is marked as "active" (make sure the circle is green)

MobileBrowsers, Troubleshooting. Android Device is not recognised by NetBeans >use command line and run "adb devices" and check if the device is visible for android sdk Web app is not opened in chrome or safari, web address not available >Both developer machine and mobile device must be on the same network. Choosing Debug causes the debugger to attach to the application process running inside the emulator after the app starts. Choosing Release mode disables the debugger (however, you can still run the app and use log statements for debug). After you have chosen a virtual device from the device drop-down menu,

I got it working by using ddms as a bridge between the device an netbeans. You have to configure a local debugger port in ddms and make your netbeans connect to that port using a regular java debugger. I have written a tutorial article on my blog.

Android debugging on real device –, Download Google USB Driver (if using Android Developer Phones (ADP)) Connect Samsung Galaxy S2 to the PC, and verify it via command “ adb devices “​. to debug on your connected device and keep starting the AVD emulator. Note This tutorial is more to example driven, not much explanation. NetBeans 7.4 supports development, deploying, debugging and live CSS styling on Android devices. Debugging features are available only in Android 4.0+ with Mobile Chrome Web Browser. (Chrome is not available in Android Emulator)

Phone Settings:

Settings->"Developer Options"->"Select USB Configuration" Select MIDI from the List.

Netbeans Settings

Options->HTML/JS Tab->Mobile Platforms->Android SDK Location must be also selected correctly Android SDK Location is often: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk

Android Studio for beginners, Part 1: Installation and setup, Install Android Studio and start your first Android project. In Part 3, we'll build and run the app, using both an emulated hardware device and a Kindle Fire tablet. tools and plugins to debug Android and improve your coding productivity. version compatibility, and other problems; C++ and NDK support  When I run my project in Debug on Android, it deploys (on emulator), I get no errors or messages that indicate an issue, but it just stops and is no longer running. I created a new empty XF project and it runs OK on debug mode and not stops after deployment. I already tried : Updating Visual Studio to latest version; Updating XF to latest

5 Step Procedure for Android Deployment with NetBeans IDE , In "Development", check "USB debugging". Connect Android to your computer via a USB cable. Then try it out there and delete it if you're not happy with it. that it's all so simple, I don't see the value of the Android emulator, at all. working with Netbeans IDE and who are also interested and excited to  I see that you have been checking for new Eclipse updateshave you also been updating the Android SDK tools? When there's a new release of Eclipse ADT, often times you also have to update the Android SDK as well.

Developing Android Apps with NetBeans, Maven, and VirtualBox , Luckily I found the maven-android-plugin which worked like a charm The Android Emulator from the Android SDK seemed unusably slow. If not, you must use a virtual Android device which usually has This is described here but does not address NetBeans specifically; In NetBeans do: Debug / Attach  To run your app in debug mode, you build an APK signed with a debug key and install it on a physical Android device or on the Android emulator. To set up an Android device for development, see Using Hardware Devices. For more information about the emulator provided by the Android SDK, see Using the Emulator. To debug your app in Android Studio:

[PDF] Java netbeans for android, android-plugin which worked like a charm and allowed me to use Maven for developing my The Android Emulator from the Android SDK seemed unusably slow. If not, you must use a virtual Android device which usually has various not address NetBeans specifically In NetBeans do: Debug / Attach Debugger and​  The android plugin itself (for netbeans from kenai) works fine, though when I try and use the Netbeans profiler with it, it fails to work.When I run the profiler a small message window pops up saying "connecting to the target VM", it stays at that for about 2-3 mins then the window closes and nothing else happens.Is anyone else here using netbeans and having this problem?

  • The driver is installed properly. The app gets pushed to it just fine.
  • have you attached your device to keyboard's USB?
  • some times long USB cable can causes problems
  • Using standard USB cable which comes with the device. Connected to the USB in the back of the machine. USB is 2.0. Once again, application gets put onto the phone properly.
  • The app wont get pushed to the phone if I didn't.
  • This does not sound very convincing to me (I am author of NBAndroid plugin). You had the plugin activated when took the screenshot because the project type is recognized. My guess is that there was a problem with ADB bridge that did not see your device. can help.
  • Try to include the key points from an external resource incase the link dies in the future.