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On loading a page I would like it to go to #content without changing the url.

I thought I would be able to use

window.location.hash = "content";
window.location.replace("#content", "");

but #content still exists on the url.

Any better method?


Also tried

window.location.hash = "content";
window.location.replace(window.location.toString().replace("#content", ""));

But this sends the browser into a loop.

You could find the vertical position of the anchor with that id, and then scroll to that position.

Alternative to anchor URL? - JavaScript, Is there an other way to link to an element on the same page without using anchor URLs? scrollTo command to scroll to a certain location on the page. It scrolls to the (any) selected element without changing the URL. document.getElementById("some-heading").scrollIntoView(true); We still need to mark the anchor points using an id, but now the browser history remains unaffected. Applying this to the SELECT navigation we end up with:

Go to or Scroll to anchor specified div id without changing url


function scrollSmoothTo(elementId) {
  var element = document.getElementById(elementId);
    block: 'start',
    behavior: 'smooth'
#userdiv {
  margin-top: 200px;
  width: 200px;
  height: 400px;
  border: 1px solid red;

a {
  color: #337ab7;
  cursor: pointer;

a:hover {
  text-decoration: underline;
<a onclick="scrollSmoothTo('userdiv')">
  Scroll to userdiv

<div id="userdiv">
  Lorem ipsum this is a random text

Removing #anchor links from changing browser URL when clicked , @jordanwinn you could use this script to scroll to the section without having the anchor on the URL: $('your-class').click(function() { $('html,  And anchor links without the site URL may have issues in Safari mobile browsers. To find your page's URL, visit URL slugs . If you know none of your visitors use Internet Explorer or the Safari mobile browser, and you're linking to a place on the same page (for example, scrolling down to a lower header), you can use the #unique-id formatting

This will do it with a nice animation:

<a href="#link">Click to scroll</a>

<div id="link" style="margin-top: 1000px; height: 300px; background-color: blue; margin-bottom: 1000px">
    Click and scroll to this div without changing url!

    $('a').on('click', function(e) {
        // prevent default anchor click behavior

        // store hash
        var hash = this.hash;

        if ($(hash).length) {
            $('html, body').animate({
                scrollTop: $(hash).offset().top
            }, 300, function() {
                // Do something fun if you want!

Working JSFiddle

Replacing anchor links with JavaScript < JavaScript, I'm using wpforo forum software. It has anchors for individual posts. Clicking on the anchor smooth scrolls to the right position, however, the  Anchor links can improve navigation and help organize your content, especially on a website with long-form content. One of the other main benefits of using anchor links other than navigation is the fact that they are awesome for SEO. While the concept of using anchor links is very simple, it can be hard to

Smooth scroll to anchor does not update browser URL, Smooth scrolling allows you to jump between areas of your page easily without having manually scroll up and down looking for specific sections. and paste the ID value into the CLICK ACTION section URL form field. HTML anchor link. HTML anchor link code. How to link in the same page in HTML. Link to anchor on same page; Link to anchor on another page; Link to anchor on same page

Adding Smooth Scrolling Links and Buttons for Anchor Links , Learn how to Remove anchor link id tag and # on urls within the same page. Built by Finsweet for the Webflow Community. Redirecting to an STS normally involves changing the browser's address from the SPA URL to the authentication URL. The STS URL is most likely on a completely different domain, server, etc. Whatever the case may be the location must change. Most developers', me included, first reaction was to look for a location.redirect method. It does not exist.

15 - Remove anchor link id tag and # on urls within the , The browser window will scroll itself (instantly) into such a position where the Target will match when the hash tag in the URL matches the ID of an element. the anchor somewhere above the heading without affecting the visual flow of the​  Scroll with anchor without # in URL. I do not want to change my URL which takes #div as suffix once I Where 'top' is the id of the html tag you want to go