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I have a finger print scanner which gives me only an image of finger-print(it's SDK doesn't provide any functionality for "converting" them into template and for comparing these templates). My question is which approach should I use: look for an SDK which does provide functionality for converting and comparing finger-print images, or shpuld I write these algorithms on my own(which seems hard and time consuming). If first method is preferred, What are open source/paid sdk's for that work? Can you give me some links

My device is Verifier 300 LC.

Thanx in advance :)

US20100239132A1, A system to generate a template of a fingerprint input image is described. optional identification and verification steps, which compare the template generated the first step that should be carried out is to convert the image to a format that is  What are the algorithms used to convert fingerprint template to nemeric? Though never tried but i think we can compute the hash of the finger print ( which is an image) and can use the hash

I was looking for this fingerprint raw image conversion to WSQ standard in java and I found the below useful. Hope it helps.

and this

[PDF] Fingerprint Image Reconstruction from Standard Templates, reconstruct fingerprint images from standard templates and investigates to what extent the reconstructed images are similar to the original ones (that is new fingerprint is acquired and compared to the stored i < 2 , converted in radians. A Raw fingerprint image takes up about 250KB space where as a fingerprint template only takes up about 500 bytes of space. 2. Storing Raw fingerprint images create lots of privacy concerns. Storing a fingerprint template is much more safer. Even if the fingerprint templates are compromised, it is not possible to generate a fingerprint image

There are many software available, You can start with NBIS which has many tools ex:minutiae extraction tools (mindtct), Bitmap Image (JPG/PNG) to WSQ snd vice versa, etc., With NBIS.NET Some trouble is during image conversion 32bpp image to 16bppGrayScale or 8bppIndexed,

By learning from NBIS samples you can quickly learn and create your own proprietary FP matching algorithm.

ISO/IEC 19794-2 Standard for Fingerprint Templates, What is ISO/IEC 19794-2 fingerprint template standard? The enrolled fingerprint image is converted into a fingerprint template Interoperability enables the template generated by fingerprint algorithm X to be compared with  Persisting templates alongside fingerprint images allows applications to start faster, because template deserialization is more than 100x faster than re-extraction from fingerprint image. Serialized template excludes search structures that FingerprintTemplate keeps to speed up matching.

I work for Lakota Software Solutions, Inc. and we have a commercial product available (free developer license) that will solve your issue.

Lakota's Image product is the only FBI certified WSQ encoder/decoder that is written in pure Java, and it is probably the fastest out there. We tested it and it was 5 times faster than the NIST WSQ encoder/decoder.

Converting between image formats is very simple and straightforward with Image.

byte[] rawBytes = ...
Image rawImage =, ImageFormat.RAW);
Image wsqImage = rawImage.toWsqImage();

You can visit our website at

If you are looking for a free version, you can look at Jnbis, which is a Java version of NBIS.

Note that Jnbis has not certified by FBI to meet the WSQ quality requirements, which may or may not matter in your case. You can find the listing of certified WSQ algorithms at

Convert Fingerprints to ISO and ANSI Fingerprint Template Data , Convert your Fingerprint Images from any Fingerprint Scanner in PNG, BMP, be compared to minimal text Data Size of an ISO and ANSI Fingerprint Template​  thank you so much. because i think module R305 had processing 80% of the work, it scan finger and generate to array character, so i think i should just find algorithm compare 2 array. but it is seem impossible. perhaps i must read all of link you send to do it. thanks you – Mr.Green Dec 7 '16 at 10:16

What are the algorithms used to convert fingerprint template to , To convert fingerprint to numeric which can then be used for generating cryptographic Just like any digitized image, the information is arranged in bytes​, which My plan is to compare the total violators from the manual observation (​ground  Just an update about ISO 19794-2 support: ISO templates are supported in a very limited form that is functional just enough to allow import of ISO templates from sensors that refuse to provide fingerprint image.

Fingerprint Templates, It is subsequently compared directly to the fingerprint features of the query The basic composition of the minutia template, S, of a fingerprint image is then the set This can be done using Discrete Fourier Transform, Gabor Filterbanks or by  I need to create fingerprints of many images (about 100.000 existing, 1000 new per day, RGB, JPEG, max size 800x800) to compare every image to every other image very fast. I can't use binary compare methods because also images which are nearly similar should be recognized.

SourceAFIS / Discussion / Forum Archive: convert fingerprint image , convert fingerprint image (BMP / JPG) to ISO 19794-2 I believe it is ISO 19794-​2 Fingerprint Minutea Record format. "candidateImage" as parameter to the method to compare against other templates from others vendors? The Sample Application ----- The sample application bin/fjfxSample is a command-line tool that does feature extraction on 500DPI fingerprint image files in PGM (portable graymap) format and saves the fingerprint minutiae data in ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005 format.