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Good day, not so good in RegEx may be some one could help me.

I've got array = ["5/8 po", "3/4 ts", "1 px", " 1/2" "];

How I could with RegEx convert to array = ["5/8", "3/4", "1", "1/2"];

Value in array could be different.

You can use item.replace(/[a-z]|[A-Z]| /g, '') and map() to get that output array. item.replace(/[a-z]|[A-Z]| /g, '') will replace all the alphabets to blank and you will get the desired output.

var array = ["5/8 po","1px"," 1.2","px 1", "px-1", "i-1/2"];
var res = => item.replace(/[a-z]|[A-Z]| /g, ''));

convert array of words (strings) to regex and use it to get matches on , I will get Nexus artifact information in Array of Strings with full URL path. I need to display only JAR file name so I would like do regex on Array  The regexp.exec(str) method is used for returning a match for the regexp in the string str. The main difference of this method is that it is called on a regexp, not a string. Its behavior is different depending on whether the regexp includes the g flag or not.

You can use this snippet:

var regex = /(?:[1-9][0-9]*|0)(?:\/[1-9][0-9]*)?/g;

var array = ["5/8 po", "3/4 ts", "1 px", "1/2"];

var arrayNumbers = => x.match(regex)[0]);


How to apply regular expression on array of Strings(String , Other than that, the object looks like (and in fact is) an array of strings, whose first element is the string that was matched. In the previous example, this is the  I'm trying to get the code below to send the results of the regexp search to an array of strings. How can I do that? When I change name to an array of strings i.e. Dim name() as String VBA throws a type-mismatch exception. Any idea what I can do to fix that? Many thanks.

Here is how I would do it. This regex tests for fractions or whole numbers:

let arr = ["5/8 po", "3/4 ts", "1 px", "1/2"];

const regex = /[0-9]+\/?[0-9]*/;

arr = => i.match(regex)[0]);


String.prototype.match(), preg_match_all — Perform a global regular expression match So, $out[0] contains array of strings that matched full pattern, and $out[1] contains array of  Returns all matches of the regular expression against a string. RegExp.prototype[@@replace]() Replaces matches in given string with new substring. RegExp.prototype[@@search]() Searches the match in given string and returns the index the pattern found in the string. RegExp.prototype[@@split]() Splits given string into an array by separating the

RegExp.prototype.exec(), Each character vector in a cell array, or each string in a string array, can be of any length and contain any characters. If str and expression are string arrays or cell  startIndex = regexp(str,expression) returns the starting index of each substring of str that matches the character patterns specified by the regular expression. If there are no matches, startIndex is an empty array. [startIndex,endIndex] = regexp(str,expression) returns the starting and ending indices of all matches.

Regular Expressions :: Eloquent JavaScript, Regular Expression to. Regular Expression for array of numbers Test Kundennummern · Empty String · Match IPv6 Address · Match an email address · mau Splits an input string a specified maximum number of times into an array of substrings, at the positions defined by a regular expression specified in the Regex constructor. The search for the regular expression pattern starts at a specified character position in the input string. Split(String, Int32)

preg_match_all - Manual, Parameters: Here the parameter is “regExp” i.e, regular expression which will compare with the given string. Return Value: It will return an array that contain the​  Splitting a string is a very common requirement for all PostgreSQL Database Developers. I used regexp_split_to_array to split the string and store the result into a string array. You can pass any delimiters. Below are two sample example using regexp_split_to_array():

  • You cannot have 5/8 or other fraction values without string representation like "5/8"
  • Sorry I missed strings ))) edit my question.
  • I have also added a answer
  • Damn... the question is totally different now... Please proof read before posting next time.
  • the array you are showing is invalid, there is an error with the last value, because you have more double quotes than expected, so one of them is not beign closed. Also, you should explain better your desired output and input, because there's a lot of answers and for all of them you refuses saying something different
  • Could you please say why we need to use item.split()[0] <== zero ? And please help me with the next in my questions I've got array with " 1/2" ".
  • because split will split the values into two part with the regex /\s+/g which is 5/8 and po so we need the first value of that array so we usesplit()[0]
  • @DevFromEarth I have also updated the answer with more description
  • Yeap, but in my troble we could have something like ["5/8 po","1px"," 1.2" ","px 1", "px-1", "i-1/2"];
  • @DevFromEarth glad to help
  • You all try to use this array = ["5/8", "3/4", "1", "1/2"], But I want to use this one array = ["5/8 po", "3/4 ts", "1 px", " 1/2" "];
  • Yes, i just update the snippet to return the first match :)
  • You all try to use this array = ["5/8", "3/4", "1", "1/2"], But I want to use this one array = ["5/8 po", "3/4 ts", "1 px", " 1/2" "];
  • So, your original array? Then you don't need the regex