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I have a query and I'm not sure how to limit the users by last login date. i only want to return the users who have logged in in the last week. Here's my query:

"SELECT `ID` FROM `Profiles` WHERE `DateLastLogin` < '[1WEEK]'"

The DateLastLogin is a datetime field.


Count active users using login timestamp in MySQL, The WEEK() function returns the week number for a given date (a number from 0 to 53). Syntax. WEEK(date, firstdayofweek). Parameter Values. Parameter  Some time we have to collect last 7 or 15 days or X days (or month, year or week) data from MySQL table. For example let us find out who are the new members joined in our forum in last week. One shop may be interested in knowing new products added in last one month. What are the books arrived in last one year.

You can do this:




MySQL WEEK() Function, A user session is a period of uninterrupted activity on a website or app. To define user sessions using SQL, all you need is a table of event data and a that supports windowing functions (which, notably, excludes MySQL). To do this, wrap the last query in an outer query and add a WHERE clause. Get the latest. SQL to get records between start of last week and end of last week. Hi chaps. Can someone help me with some SQL please? I need to select records with a "enter_date" field which is between the start of last week and the end of last week. That is, not within the last 7 days, but within the last week period.

"SELECT `ID` FROM `Profiles` WHERE `DateLastLogin` < DATE_SUB(curdate(), INTERVAL 1 WEEK)"

Probably the query you are looking for is

"SELECT `ID` FROM `Profiles` WHERE `DateLastLogin` BETWEEN NOW() AND DATE_SUB(curdate(), INTERVAL 1 WEEK)"

Finding User Sessions with SQL, Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, a MySQL Database With Oracle University, you get intensive training from MySQL experts. is a modern day digital learning offering that includes all of our MySQL online courses. For today’s SQL Tip, we will see how to get the week number of the year. To get the week number for a specific date or the current date, we can use the DATEPART function. Here is the syntax and an example of using DATEPART to get the the week number. Syntax DATEPART(week, <date>) Where the first parameter can be either week or wk or ww. The

In PHP you can use

strtotime('-1 week');

and that will output the unix time from one week ago

MySQL Training from Oracle University, We look at how to write a PostgreSQL query to select records from the last 24 hours. Observing your data from the last 24 hours is a great way to gain insight into your the sales of a new product or following user activity the day after a promotion, SQL may be the language of data, but not everyone can understand it. My SQL grab last active users within one week. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 11 months ago. Active 1 year, 4 months ago. Get Daily Active Users for the last 2 weeks. 1.

SELECT Count(* ) FROM Users WHERE CreatedDate > DATEADD(DAY, -7, GETDATE())

Selecting Records from the Last 24 Hours in PostgreSQL, How to Backup MySQL Database automatically (for Linux users) backup you will have only the last 7 days of backups, the weekly if enabled will have one for each week, etc.). We are ready to get our compressed database backup. You can do these “Hot” Backups online, without suffering downtime or interruptions. This post is part of a project to move my old reference material to my blog. Before 2012, when I accessed the same pieces of code or general information multiple times, I would write a quick HTML page for my own reference and put it on a personal site. Later, I published these pages online. Some of the pages still get used and now I want to

10 Ways to Automatically & Manually Backup MySQL Database , How to Install MySQL 8.0 (on Windows, macOS, Ubuntu) and Get Started with SQL SQL, one of the earlier programming language, was subsequently developed by Users can access the server via a client program, connecting to the server at {xx}", where {xx} is the latest update number ⇒ In "Select Operating System",  What we do have is ASH - the active session history. That will keep in memory for about the last hour - one second samples from every session. That means you'll get to see the long running sql a session did (high probability that the one second samples will see it) and you'll get the see much of the short, quick sql they do that they do often

MySQL Tutorial, Query Performance Optimization In the previous chapter, we explained how to We've even seen applications that retrieve each column individually, If you need to get high performance from your MySQL server, one of the best ways to its control, such as executing stored functions or user-defined functions. PowerShell To Get Active Directory Users And Groups into SQL to this one. It can be really scary updating Active Directory in monster batches though, a lot of people don’t have that level of

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