Getting all users from Openfire server using smack 4.2.2

Well, I'm trying to get all users from Openfire server using Smack, unfortunately I don't know how - I'm using Smack 4.2.2.

UserSearchManager usm= new UserSearchManager(connection);
DomainBareJid domainJid = 
Form searchForm = usm.getSearchForm(domainJid);
Form answerForm = searchForm.createAnswerForm();
answerForm.setAnswer("Username", true);
answerForm.setAnswer("search", "*");
ReportedData data = usm.getSearchResults(answerForm, domainJid);
if (data.getRows() != null) {
  for (ReportedData.Row row: data.getRows()) {
     for (String jid:row.getValues("jid")) {

This code doesn't work because of:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Must have a local (user) JID set. Either you didn't configure one or you where not connected at least once

You can't get all users through XEP-0055: Jabber Search, just can be used with a filter you sure that the users don't have it (like a special character). Only way I know is to use Rest API Plugin of openfire. You can read more about this plugin from the link. Good luck.

How to search for a user or get full list of users on openfire using , Hi, Here's what I'm using: Openfire 3.10.2 Smack 4.1.2 Environment: Android I'm trying to search for a registered user, How to search for a user or get full list of users on openfire using smack is not used by every server. Hit finish and your default browser will open the openfire welcome page where you choose the language of your install. Choose your preferred language and hit continue. You’ll be given a UI where you should set up your domain name. Because we want to use our server locally, we set our domain name to be localhost.

Error is obvious. Either you did not connect at least once (or got disconnected and did not reconnect) or your username is wrong.

Maybe you are trying to connect without local jid. Please check this explanation of XMPP address formats:

How to persist users(MultiUserChat) and chat history in Openfire , Using a PUBSUB for getting messages and delivering to user and showing the pseudo-list of users. chat history in Openfire (Ver 4.0.3) using SMACK API (4.2.​0 Beta1) - S… When joining the room, you simply get the list of all members as your I create member only MUC for each Group server side. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more Getting all users from Openfire server using smack 4.2.2

hope you have solved the problem. I got my code working with this little change

DomainBareJid domainJid = JidCreate.domainBareFrom("search." + connection.getServiceName());

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Get Nickname/Username using jid from Samck - xmpp - html, Using Smack, how I can get Nickname/Username from JID using Smake. Note we can get nick name using JID but we must add all users in VCARD String I am trying to send a file through chat using openfire on the server and the smack java library. 7777 Just to mention, I am using Openfire 4.0.2 and Smack 4.2.2. Plugins extend and enhance the functionality of Openfire (formerly Wildfire). Below is a list of plugins available for Openfire.To install plugins, copy the .jar file into the plugins directory of your Openfire installation.

Android - XMPP register login and chat basic example, Install openfire or any chat server in your system or on server. compile 'org.​igniterealtime.smack:smack-android:4.2.0' compile logDebug(TAG, "Getting XMPP Connect"); if (isConnected()) { Log. getUser(); } else { return null; } } public void login(String user, String pass, String username) throws XMPPException,  Hello, I have installed the most recent version of OpenFire server v3.9.3. I set it up with LDAP authentication against my Active Directory, and everything was working GREAT until I went into the server options and tried to add some additional admins.

Focus User goes offline · Issue #60 · igniterealtime/openfire-ofmeet , system ubuntu 16.04 Openfire 4.2.2 Openfire Focus Provider 0.9.3 User to become offline which results in users unable to connect to a video conference. Supposedly, the Smack library that's used in the Focus provider needs an update​.  Adjust the Openfire configuration with proper keystore and truststore settings. 1. Decide on a Server Domain. The Openfire server domain should match the host name of the server; for example, "". Your user accounts will have addresses with the format "" like email addresses.