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so here is my relativly simple code:

def testaufruf(pfade):


   part = [i for i,x in enumerate(s) if x=="$"]




My problem is I want to pass something like[Test$path1]

now I take this Test$path1 make it an list and want to replace every $ with an \

These lines work:


part = [i for i,x in enumerate(s) if x=="$"]


They return me the place where the $ is located but the second part to replace the $ does not work. I did search a lot but couldnt find a solution to this problem.

Thanks for help in advance.

Strings have a replace method:

part = pfade.replace('$', '\\')

Note the \ is repeated for escaping.

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this line is gonna return a list of integers

part = [i for i,x in enumerate(s) if x=="$"]

and you're simply trying to index s with a list, you're facing the following error

TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not list.

to solve this:

parts = [i for i,x in enumerate(s) if x=="$"]
for part in parts:
    s[part] = '\\'


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So it was a pretty simple fix:

instead of using part = [i for i,x in enumerate(s) if x=="$"]

I just used: part = s.index("$", 0)

than s[part] = "\\" replaces the $ with "\"

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  • Thats even easier, thanks a lot! Dont need a list anymore
  • note that this is not gonna work if you have more than one index with $