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Does anyone know how to filter out the logcat ('adb shell logcat') so that it only shows the log statements after current date and time ? Thanks in advance.

Activities created after the current date and time? Or just log statements after the current time? Could it be as simple as "adb logcat -c; adb logcat"

Logcat command-line tool, How do I find the logs on my Android phone? Note that ANDROID_LOG_TAGS filter is not exported to the emulator/device instance, if you are running logcat from a remote shell or using adb shell logcat. Control log output format Log messages contain a number of metadata fields, in addition to the tag and priority.


adb logcat -t "01-21 10:10:10.000"

this will give you log

after 21st January

adb, adb logcat. This command will show you all the logs from the device's main buffer​. Notice that if you use it for the first time, you'll get a lot of information,  This page is about Bars king khalil dissolution command-line logcat tool, but you can also view log Adb logcat filter options from the Logcat window in Android Studio. You can run logcat as an adb command or directly in a shell prompt of your emulator lptions connected device. The following table describes the command line options of logcat.

Before you start up logcat first pass it the argument -c In the terminal you would say

adb logcat -c
adb logcat

This would produce a fresh log.

Filtering Android adb logcat efficiently in bash command line, This article contains some tricks and tips to filter logs in bash using adb (android debug bridge) in any bash. In most of the time as a developer you don't need to  Now a wild card filter on the logcat output can be performed using the TAG prefix. adb logcat | grep MyApp The result will be the output from the entire application.

Logging and using Logcat / Using the Logcat / Essential Android, adb logcat -v time | grep 'searchtext'. There are many options and filters available to command line logcat, documented here. A simple but useful example is the  logcat record does not have a "package name field". Therefore there is no standard/built-in way to filter by it. Although since Android 7.0 you can use logcat --pid option combined with pidof -s command to filter output by binary/package name: adb shell "logcat --pid=$(pidof -s <package_name>)" Replace " with ' for Linux/MacOS

Reading and Writing Logs, The Log class; Starting LogCat; Filtering Log Output; Controlling Log Output Format ADB or from DDMS, which allows you to read the messages in real time​. I'm trying to filter logcat output from a real device (not an emulator) by tag name but I get all the messages which is quite a spam. I just want to read messages from browser which should be something like "browser: " or "webkit: " , but it doesn't work

Logging and using Logcat, adb logcat -c. Filtering the logcat output. It is helpful to filter the logcat output because there are many messages which adb logcat -v time | grep 'searchtext'. Android Studio. In the Android monitor toolbox, you can filter logcat per debuggable process. Normally, when you develop an application it is a debuggable process. Every once in a while I am having issues with this, and a do the following: Tools -> Android -> Enable ADB Integration. If it was already enabled, then toggle it off,