Does EarlyStopping in Keras save the best model?

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When using something like:

callbacks = [
    EarlyStopping(patience=15, monitor='val_loss', min_delta=0, mode='min'),
    ModelCheckpoint('best-weights.h5', monitor='val_loss', save_best_only=True, save_weights_only=True)
], callbacks=callbacks)

y_pred = model.predict(x_test)

am I doing the prediction with the best weights calculated during training or model is using the last weights (which may not be the best ones)?

So, is the above a safe approach or should I load best-weights.h5 into the model even if the predictions are done right after training?

EarlyStopping callback doesn't save anything on its own (you can double check it looking at its source code Thus your code saves the last model that achieved the best result on dev set before the training was stopped by the early stopping callback. I would say that, if you are saving only the best model according to dev, it is not useful to have also an early stopping callback (unless you don't want to save time and your are sure enough you are not going to find any better model if you continue the training)

Saving best model in keras, A good use of checkpointing is to output the model weights each time an Checkpointing is setup to save the network weights only when there is an I see, I believe I cover this problem in this post on early stopping: EarlyStopping and ModelCheckpoint in Keras. Fortunately, if you use Keras for creating your deep neural networks, it comes to the rescue. It has two so-called callbacks which can really help in settling this issue, avoiding wasting computational resources a priori and a posteriori.

After the training stops by EarlyStopping callback, the current model may not be the best model with the highest/lowest monitored quantity. As a result a new argument, restore_best_weights, has been introduced in Keras 2.2.3 release for EarlyStopping callback if you would like to restore the best weights:

restore_best_weights: whether to restore model weights from the epoch with the best value of the monitored quantity. If False, the model weights obtained at the last step of training are used.

How to Check-Point Deep Learning Models in Keras, It would be nice if you could save the best performing model Note that we also include numpy , which is not done in the Keras example. So right now we can automatically restore the best model weights with EarlyStopping, but only if the training is actually stopped early. Or we can save the best weights in any case with ModelCheckpoint, but it does not have an option to automatically restore the best weights.

I would say model uses the latest weights, but I could not find any evidence in the docs. Fortunately you can check the behavior of model by yourself.

First you run:

y_pred = model.predict(x_test)

After that, you can load best-weights.h5 and run the prediction on the same test set again.

If model contains the latest weights, you should get an improved result when loading best-weights.h5. If the results are the same, you can be sure that model automatically uses the best achieved results.

Callbacks, After running to train the network, how can I pick the best I understand there is ModelCheckpoint callback that can save the best model to a file One way to do it is to import earlystopping (i.e. from keras.callbacks  The EarlyStopping callback will stop training once triggered, but the model at the end of training may not be the model with best performance on the validation dataset. An additional callback is required that will save the best model observed during training for later use.

Avoid wasting resources with EarlyStopping and ModelCheckpoint , At the moment, the best way to save the best model is to use the I agree with most users here: working with Keras and earlystop since a  Hi all, Is there an early stopping option for Keras training based on any criterion (validation log loss etc.) Appreciate any help. Thanks. Dr Chan

How to pick best model after, EarlyStopping. The final weights will be saved, not the weights where your patience parameter is triggered. Looking at the documentation for  Unless you are using ModelCheckpoint callback with save_best_only parameter, returns not the best model encountered during the training (i.e. the one with the lowest validation loss or with highest validation accuracy), but r does not return the best model · Issue #2768 · keras-team , It will if you set the save_best_only flag in your checkpoint callback definition: ModelCheckpoint(filepath, monitor='val_loss',  You can use to save a Keras model into a single HDF5 file which will contain: the architecture of the model, allowing to re-create the model; the weights of the model; the training configuration (loss, optimizer) the state of the optimizer, allowing to resume training exactly where you left off. You can then use keras.models.load_model(filepath) to reinstantiate your model.