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def event(data):
    def delta(data):
        duration =last - first

        return duration

    def division(duration):



The ouput I got is

9 0 0.0

The value 9 is not returned to duration,which was initialized to 0.Hence not able to compute division(duration) correctly

the output that i want is

9 9 3

To "get" the return value of a function, you need to either use it immediately or assign it (bind it to a name). Assignment is what you need here since you use the result twice. It is performed by the = operator. You could do something like this:

duration = delta(data)

Keep in mind that the duration you define in your delta function has nothing to do with the one in event because they are in different namespaces. If you want to be able to set event's duration from delta, you can let Python know that you want to access something in an enclosing function using nonlocal. An alternative to having a return value from delta would be to add the following first line to it:

nonlocal duration

That being said, this is not the recommended solution. If is much better to keep your namespaces completely separate and just fix your return value assignment.

As a side note, consider redefining last as last = data[-1]. Python let's you index from the end of a list using negative indices.

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You should edit a line with delta(data) to duration = delta(data) as the return isn't being stored.

I've tested the code and it works with this modification.

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Problem is that the description variable inside delta function is not same as the one you defined with duration= 0. inside a function its a local variable. So, either catch the return to duration or use a duration as a global variable. One more way is to just put nonlocal duration in delta function





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