Batch file: How to replace "=" (equal signs) and a string variable?

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Besides SED, how can an equal sign be replaced? And how can I use a string variable in string replacement?

Consider this example:

For /F "tokens=*" %%B IN (test.txt) DO (
   SET t=is
   SET old=%%B
   SET new=!old:t=!
   ECHO !new!


:: SET new=!old:==!

Two problems:

First, I cannot use the variable %t% in !:=!.

   SET t=is
   SET old=%%B
   SET new=!old:t=!

Second, I cannot replace the equal sign in the command line

   SET new=!old:==!

I just created a simple solution for this myself, maybe it helps someone.

The disadvantage (or advantage, depends on what you want to do) is that multiple equal signs one after another get handled like one single equal sign. (example: "str==ing" gives the same output as "str=ing")

@echo off
set "x=this is=an test="
echo x=%x%

call :replaceEqualSign in x with _
echo x=%x%


:replaceEqualSign in <variable> with <newString>
    setlocal enableDelayedExpansion

        set "_s=!%~2!#"
        set "_r="

            for /F "tokens=1* delims==" %%A in ("%_s%") do (
                if not defined _r ( set "_r=%%A" ) else ( set "_r=%_r%%~4%%A" )
                set "_s=%%B"
        if defined _s goto _replaceEqualSign

    endlocal&set "%~2=%_r:~0,-1%"
exit /B

As you have seen, you use the function like this:

call :replaceEqualSign in variableName with newString

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The setlocal enableDelayedExpansion should be moved after your old=%%B assignment in case %%B contains !.

The "t" problem is easy to solve within a loop by using another FOR variable

For /F "tokens=*" %%B IN (test.txt) DO (
   SET t=is
   SET old=%%B
   for /f %%T in ("!t!") do SET new=!old:%%T=!
   ECHO !new!

There is no simple native batch solution for replacing =. You can iterate through the string, character by character, but that is slow. Your best bet is probably to switch to VBScript or JScript, or use a non-native utility.

If you really want to do this using pure Windows batch commands, there are a couple of interesting ideas at

CMD Variable edit replace - Windows CMD, Use the syntax below to edit and replace the characters assigned to a string variable. If the batch parameter was supplied as %2 then this would be: ECHO​  Place repl.bat in the same folder as the batch file or in a folder that is on the path. Repl.bat is a hybrid batch file using native Windows scripting and is far faster than a regular batch script. The L switch makes the text search and replace a literal string and I'd expect the 12 MB file to complete in several seconds on a modern PC.

Why not use Edlin? I could not find a way to do this with one initial file and no errors from Edlin, but just ignore them with NUL:. Strangly, the TYPE %0 includes the whole file even if there's an end of file character between the = and !, using TYPE on the batch file after it has run will not work the same way.

GOTO skip

SET "new==old============="

ECHO %new% > %TEMP%\var.tmp
TYPE %0 > %TEMP%\edlin.tmp

EDLIN %TEMP%\var.tmp < %TEMP%\edlin.tmp > NUL:

SET /P newnew=<%TEMP%\VAR.TMP
ECHO %newnew%

ERASE %TEMP%\edlin.tmp

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My answer from another post, but it applies here, too:

There is an alternative that is easier. Instead of passing in a value that contains an equals sign, try something like a colon instead. Then, through the ability to modify that value (the colon), you can convert it back into an equals. Here is an example:

@echo off
set VALUE1=%1
set VALUE2=%VALUE1::==%
echo value1 = %VALUE1%
echo value2 = %VALUE2%

When you run the batch file, call it like this:

C:\>myBatch name:someValue

The output would be:

value1 = name:someValue
value2 = name=someValue

If the name or value contains a space, you will have other issues to address, though. You will need to wrap the entire string in double quotes. But, then you have the issue of needing to get rid of them. This can also be handled, like this:

@echo off
set PARAM=%1
set BASE=%PARAM:"=%
set PAIR=%BASE::==%

rem Either of these two lines will do the same thing - just notice the 'delims'
rem for /f "tokens=1,2 delims=:" %%a in ("%BASE%") do set NAME=%%a & set VALUE=%%b
rem for /f "tokens=1,2 delims==" %%a in ("%PAIR%") do set NAME=%%a & set VALUE=%%b

for /f "tokens=1,2 delims=:" %%a in ("%BASE%") do set NAME=%%a & set VALUE=%%b

echo param = %PARAM%
echo base  = %BASE%
echo pair  = %PAIR%
echo name  = %NAME%
echo value = %VALUE%

When running this batch file like this:

C:\>myBatch "some name:another value"

The output will be:

param = "some name:another value"
base  = some name:another value
pair  = some name=another value
name  = some name
value = another value

Hope that helps others in their quest to win the fight with batch files.

Mike V.

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  • Are you really working in DOS, or do you just mean the windows command prompt?
  • Well, of course %t% cannot work as it gets replaced before the loop even runs.
  • Damien, this is obviously cmd.
  • @Joey - of course it is - but I sometimes adopt a rhetorical style to try to make people realize that they're being inexact in their terminology.
  • Damien, I have long given up on that, I just silently edit ;)
  • I see. Maybe I need to approach VBScript, VB or C#. It seems they're an advanced version of DOS Command. How about if the text is like this: This is an apple. This is a cat. Using the codes gets rid of all the "is". We do know how to do whole word only replace in VB but how about in DOS Command? Is it impossible? The same to the equal sign case?
  • If you only want to replace whole words, then batch script is not a good option. It can be approximated, but you would be much better off using something that supports regex search and replace, such as VBScript.
  • Yes. I see. Thanks for pointing me to the suitable languages.
  • "Maybe I need to approach VBScript, VB or C#. It seems they're an advanced version of DOS Command." +1 for "C# is an advanced version of DOS Command"...
  • The end of file character got deleted when I posted. It should be between the = and ! on the third line.