E0401: "Unable to import 'flask_sqlalchemy'"

error e0401 import error
pylint no name-in module
pylint unable to import path
pylint can t find modules
unable to import airflow pylint
pylint-django is not available on the pythonpath
unable to import 'tensorflow.keras pylint(import-error)
prospector unable to import

I have pip installed both Flask-SQLAlchemy and SQLAlchemy itself, and have checked that they are both up to date. However, when I try to run my python code:

from flask import Flask, request, render_template
from flask_sqlalchemy import SQLAlchemy
# from tables import Score, ScoreTable
import sqlite3 as sql

app = Flask(__name__)
app.config['SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI'] = 'sqlite:///database.db'

I continue to receive this error:

[pylint] E0401:Unable to import 'flask_sqlalchemy'

Can anyone help with this? Maybe I am missing something simple.

install flask-sqlalchemy out of the virtual environment first. $ pip install Flask-SQLAlchemy

Pylint E0401: Unable to import 'flask' · Issue #526 · gitpod-io/gitpod , I'm new to pylint and so far I have not been able to remove the E0401: Unable to import error. I know it happens because I'm using pyenv and I  E0401:Unable to import - pylint linting output #1185. bruparel opened this issue on Mar 24, 2018 · 3 comments. bruparel commented on Mar 24, 2018. Environment data. VS Code version: 1.20.0. Extension version (available under the Extensions sidebar): 2018.2.1. OS and version: macOS Sierra version 10.12.6.

I had a similar problem: sqlalchemy was not installed.

  1. Use pip list or pip freeze to list all python modules
  2. If the module is listed, I can't help you
  3. If it is not listed, use pip install SQLAlchemy (on windows)
  4. Close open the file and the error should be gone

pylint false positive E0401 import errors in vscode while using venv , Pylint has some quirks. In this case it doesn't know where to find your module because it's in subdirectory of your venv path. To solve this:. E5-496-E0401 from Eaton - Cutler Hammer at Allied Electronics & Automation COVID-19 Update Allied Electronics & Automation is still open, shipping thousands of products every day, while closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

I had these 2 errors:

Unable to import 'flask_sqlalchemy'
Unable to import 'flask_migrate'

The problem was this line in my models.py file:

id = db.Column(db.Integer, primary_key=True)

I had a comma at end of the line and it caused me an hour of wasted time.

E0401:Unable to import 'flask', I guess VS Code doesn't use the correct virtualenv. To select a virtualenv using the GUI, see Configuring Python environments. If you use the  I have pip installed both Flask-SQLAlchemy and SQLAlchemy itself, and have checked that they are both up to date. However, when I try to run my python code: from flask import Flask, request,

I had this problem too. I had 2 different versions of python installed (3.6 and 3.7), all I did was uninstall python 3.7 and the Unable to import 'flask_sqlalchemy' error was not longer a problem.

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Linting, Unable to import (pylint). Scenario: You have a module installed, however the linter in the IDE is complaining about; not being able to import the module, hence​  Confirming that this really did supply the solution for E0611 and E0401 pylint errors. For VSCode users: It is important the the opened folder is the "python root folder", and that the .pylintrc is in that folder. – np8 Nov 2 '18 at 11:25

logilab / pylint / Pull request #256: Rename F0401 (import-error) to , Rename F0401 (import-error) to E0401 as it is not a fatal pylint error. #256 Merged at 15ddb16. Source. Repository: noamraph; Branch: rename-F0401-to-​E0401. cool, I'll check out Wing IDE. I have used Pycharm in the past and actively elect to use virtualenv. I'm a command line kinda guy, so my favorite plugins are the some of the CLI tools that VS has (the code and vim/IDI plugins). the clutter that I had in VS was due to all of my old pyenv virtual environments that i still had installed, so I went back, reinstalled pyenv, and uninstalled all

  • From where are you running this? Which environment?
  • This is a warning from pylint, because it can't determine the location of sqlalchemy. As @mad_ asks, are you running in an unusual environment (for example Google App Engine) where packages are installed in an unusual location?
  • I ran from a virtualenv (python) on my computer's terminal. Set up with "export FLASK_APP=app.py" and run with "flask run".