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In my activity page have onLocationChanged() for get current location.

Also this activity have ViewPager and one of viewpager have fragment which show map. this map marker also changed by onLocationChanged lat long.

My question is how send activity onLocationChanged() data to map fragment page.

U can create interface or save location on static LatLng and access in fragment

Android App Development: How to Get Started with Location , Track users' location to perform activity recognition and determine whether they are <meta-data android:name="" android:​value This asks the FusedLocationApi to start sending your app location updates your activity or fragment, and then add the onLocationChanged() method like so: As soon as that fragment starts requesting location updates, the former mentioned activity starts to get calls every second to onLocationChanged. The activity is doing an expensive operation on onLocationChanged, I expected that the parameters of my location request would be respected. Lost & Android Version. 2.1.1 on Android 5.0

There can be several ways for communicating between Activity & Fragment. Here is simplest one.

get Fragment instance from Activity. Then set data by calling any method of Fragment.

YourFragment fragment = (YourFragment) getFragmentManager().findFragmentById(;


YourFragment fragment = (YourFragment) getFragmentManager().findFragmentByTag("tag");

A good example of background service getting location updates , public void onLocationChanged(Location location) { Don't rely on any Activity or Fragment to avoid components life cycle. And every call that comes from the onNewLocation handler, I send the data to a restful api to store then able to view​  Check the code carefully this is to send data from fragment to activity Check the custructor of fragment when i am call datareciver.getData("amit sharma"); this goes to activity obj which is activity – Amit Sharma Aug 1 '17 at 5:39

You can use local broadcast.When you receive callback on activity in onLocationChanged().Then broadcast latlng and receive data in fragment.

pass broadcast from the Service class to the Map activity. (Android , I am trying to pass the `pLat, pLong` from the `onLocationChanged()` for the values `lat, lng` in the BroadcastReiceiver in the `map` activity public class Map extends FragmentActivity implements OnMapReadyCallback {. i want a code for send a data from activity and receive that data to the activity of an fragment and set that data into the fragment activity text fields Reply ↓ Cabezas on October 25, 2016 at 9:19 said:

Fragments / Pass data from Activity to Fragment using Bundle , All fragments should have an empty constructor (i.e. a constructor method having no input arguments). Therefore, in order to pass your data to the Fragment being​  So the technique is very similar to send data to activity. For sending the data to fragment we use the Bundle. Bundles: A mapping from String keys to various Parcelable values. They are generally used for passing data between various Android activities and fragments. How to pass data from Activity to Fragment. There are simple blocks of code to

LocationListener, Public methods. abstract void, onLocationChanged(Location location). Called when the location has changed. default void, onProviderDisabled(String provider​). I need to pass data between from 5 fragments to one Activity, those fragments send data one after another when i reach 5'th fragment then i need to store all 5 fragments data how can we do this. any idea is Great.

Beginning Android 3, onListItemClick method fragment design, 312 ListActivity widget, 105, 365 517 onLocationChanged method, 446 onOpen method, SQLiteOpenHelper, 362 to activity icon, 291 onPause method Activity class, 185 reading/writing data files, music player service, 409 sending commands with startService(), 398 values  To send data from one Fragment to another Fragment you have to use the same thing that i have done in this above article by passing data from Activity to Fragment. So you can use the same code and put in your Fragment from where you want to pass data to another Fragment.

  • There are many ways to do that, please do some research
  • If you only want that in fragment, then let your fragment implement onLocationChanged