ASP.NET - How to add hyperlinks to pie chart sections?

I have a pie chart that uses data returned from a business rules method. Is it possible to allow users to click on the segments of the pie chart by adding hyperlinks to each segment?

I know how to do this in the aspx of the pie chart, but the datasource and series of the data is based on the data returned from the method. Would you use something like: foreach series with a switch statement for the hyperlink?

How can I assign a hyperlink to the pie chart segments?

I worked out how to do this using a switch statement to assign a url and query string to specific segment names:

Point.Url = "/url?querystring"

Add Hyperlink with dynamic value in every slid in pie chart in , How can i add hyperlink with dynamic value in every slid in pie chart in c#. Remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post, if it helps  Add user name with pie chart. Browse other questions tagged pie-chart or ask your own question. How to add hyperlinks to pie chart sections? 0.

to redirect from specific section of pie chart:




to redirect from specific legends of pie chart:




you can write:

Chart1.Series[0].Points[0].Url = Chart1.Series[0].Points[0].LegendUrl = "rptPendingBreakdown.aspx";

Pro ASP.NET Web Forms Techniques, 285–286 See also images; pie charts Graphics object, 291–292 graphs. See charts H HeaderTemplate section of My Cars page, 538 hierarchical page (​home.aspx), 129–176 accessibility aids for, 143–149 adding users to mailing list 132 inserting validation controls in, 213–214 links to other pages, 149–151 list of  Is it possible to hyperlink only a section of a pie chart. When we tried to do this it took both sections of the pie to the last thing that was hyperlinked. This thread is locked.

To redirect from the specific section of the pie chart.





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  • Yes, that sounds like the sort of thing I was looking for. How would I do this referencing a specific pie chart segment by name? For example, what code would I use to assign a hyperlink to a segment with a specific name?
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