Why won't anything show up in "Design" (Android Studio)

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I'm not sure what to do here. I'm pretty new to Android Studio and I'm supposed to see something like this:

(I can't post pictures, but if you go to https://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/building-ui it's figure 3)

But what I see is an empty blue rectangle where I'm supposed to have the squiggle arrows and "Hello World!" I didn't see the "Hello World!" when I had the original template, either. Also, I clicked the "magic wand" thing that infers constraints, but that hasn't worked.

I was having the same issue .

Just open your gradle file (app level) and set

compileSdkVersion to 27

targetSdkVersion to 27 

And in your dependencies (in the same file) there will be a version 28.0.0 alpha-3

Replace that with 27.1.1 without the alpha-3

It will work

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change your style.xml





and build the project again.

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Remove the last two lines of gradel files that are Test dependency and then add dependency of test runner from

File - >project structure - >app -> dependency - > test runner (dependency)

and then change it to debug implementation. I faced the same issue earlier so I tried this and got the result. And change the compiled SDK versions dependency from 28.0.0 to 27.1.1

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  • Are you getting any error msg? Xml preview shows blank when the gradle wont sync successfully.This happens when you have any error in code or error in .gradle file.
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