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Where is my app document folder in Xcode 9 simulator? I tried the old answers for Xcode 8, it's not there. And why Apple makes it so difficult to see the sandbox of our apps in simulator?

I found it in the following path.


You can also look into this application for more details.

List of simulator devices can be found in the below path:


Below file has simulator information:


Document folder iOS Simulator, . The Documents folder is where the user generated content which gets backup up onto iCloud. Go there and you will see the document folder of your app regardless of the version of XCode. (Use "Go to Folder" command in Finder and specify a path "~/library").

simctl is the officially supported tool to do what you want. It can create, delete, and reboot devices. It can also install, uninstall, and launch applications.

xcrun simctl get_app_container booted <BundleID> data will get the path to the data container for the given BundleID.

To see full help for the command run xcrun simctl help get_app_container.

Free up storage space of your Mac for iOS development, , and it's exposed both in code (as you'll see in a moment) and also through iTunes file sharing. Where Does Xcode Simulator Write Files? When working with Xcode and running apps in the Simulator, looking at files written to your system is often a necessity to verify all is well. For example, I’m working on a project at the moment that requires updating a plist (XML file) when the application exits.

I will suggest you to print the file path when you get the document directory like below

let dirPathNoScheme = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(.documentDirectory, .userDomainMask, true)[0] as String
print(dirPathNoScheme)// then you can just control + shift + G or Go->Go to Folder and paste "~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/53AS028-BBE4-40D3-BC1A-60C2DSDFE0B3/data/Containers/Data/Application/A94SERF7-9191-4B1D-AAA5-BASFE654ED78/Documents"

That's it😊

Where does the iPhone Simulator store its data?, You may have noticed that the iPhone Simulator has changed with Xcode 6, and with it – of course – the path to your simulated apps'  On XCode 9 simulator, if it's an image/video, simply drag it over the simulator. It adds it to the Photos app. Other types of files seem to randomly open the file browser and generally fail. 1) Create a new project Document Based app and run it on the same simulator. 2) Now open safari in simulator and google for pdf.

For Xcode version 10.2 it is

 /Users/{username}/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/{simulator ID}/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/{simulator ID}/yourapp.app

How to find the user's documents directory, We recently upgraded our systems to Xcode 9.4. Given. The app is not installed on the iPhone 8, 11.4 simulator (Xcode 9.4). We run the tests  3. Resize Simulator just like a regular window. Before Xcode 9, we had “Scale options” only to adjust simulator’s window size. Now Apple finally made resizing of the Simulator’s window available. It’s useful little detail which can help you organize workspace efficiently if you have multiple simulators opened.

Where is the Documents Directory for the iOS 8 Simulator, Where are the files for the simulator in XCode 8, specifically the iPad Pro? I need to access my app's saved game file in the simulator. This location has, once again, changed, if using Swift, use this to find out where the folder is (this is copied from the AppDelegate.swift file that Apple creates for you so if it doesn't work on your machine, search in that file for the right syntax, this works on mine using Xcode 6.1 and iOS 8 simulator):

Xcode 9.4 documents folder not created in simul |Apple Developer , Accessing app 'Documents' folder and files on the iPhone/iPad From within Xcode 9, open 'Window -> Devices and Simulators' which brings up the following​  Where is the Documents Directory for the iOS 8 Simulator June 4, 2014 iOS Development iOS simulator , Xcode Jay Versluis You may have noticed that the iPhone Simulator has changed with Xcode 6, and with it – of course – the path to your simulated apps’ Documents Directory.

Where are the simulator files for Xcode 8? |Apple Developer Forums, New Simulator in Xcode 9 brings a lot of tricks, which could make you more productive. In the official “What's new” document for Xcode 9, Apple claims that now you can record a video Quickly Find App's Container Folder. Where Does Simulator 8.0 Store Files. To locate the Documents folder of an app in iOS 8 Simulator, Xcode 6 iPhone Simulator Application Support location. 89.