disable mat-step in mat-vertical-stepper

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I have 4 mat-step in mat-vertical-stepper. I want to disable 2nd,3rd & 4th mat-step until the 1st mat-step's all fields covered.

I tried:

<mat-step label="Step 1">
    <!-- some codes-->

In Step 1 I have a next button and this button is disabled till all fields are covered.

<button mat-raised-button color="primary" style="float:right"
     [disabled]="!DetailsForm.valid" (click)="step2.disabled = false">Next</button> 

Next is STEP 2:

<mat-step label="Step 2" [disabled]="step2.disabled">

it shows an error "disabled is not a part of mat-step".

Like this, rest two mat-step are there. I want to disable 2nd,3rd,4th mat-step.

In below case, how can I use linear?

    <mat-vertical-stepper #stepper>
       <mat-step label="General Details">
           <h4> First Name </h4>
       <mat-step label="Education">
           <h4>Highest Education </h4>


   <div class="col-md-9 col-lg-9">
     <form [formGroup]="generalDetailsForm">
       <div class="row">
         <div class="col-md-5 col-lg-5">
           <mat-form-field class="example-full-width">
             <input matInput placeholder="First Name" [(ngModel)]="firstName">

in mat-step use [stepControl]="formName" and in .ts do validation of the form.

Using only linear won't help. I was doing wrong. I did not use [stepControl]

Stepper, For more complex labels, add a template with the matStepLabel directive inside the mat-step . <mat-vertical-stepper> <mat-step> <ng-template  * Adds a way for developers to disable ripples of the `MatStepHeader`. This is useful because currently developers have no way of specifically disabling ripples for a stepper (only disabling globally is possible) Closes #14940. Loading status checks… This comment has been minimized.

mat-vertical-stepper has no property disabled as the exception message says.

try setting <mat-vertical-stepper [linear]="true">

after that you need to handle the visibilty of the button as you did. a button has the disabled property.

How to Disable ripples on mat-step (mat-horizontal-stepper) · Issue , How can we disable ripple effect on angular material stepper <mat-horizontal-​stepper [linear]="isLinear" #stepper> <mat-step  Bug, feature request, or proposal: Bug in mat-stepper What is the expected behavior? setting active to mat-step does not make it active What is the current behavior? step 1 is always active What are the steps to reproduce? <mat-vertical-

<mat-horizontal-stepper #stepper [linear]="true">
<mat-step [completed]="false">
   <!-- set completed = false to disable next step -->
   this step would be disable         

Disable a mat-step within Horizontal and Vertical Stepper · Issue , This would allow you to pass in a boolean that's maintained in your component to disable or enable a mat-step dynamically. Use Case: I've come  Define mat-step like this: <mat-step [completed]="isThisStepDone"> From inside mat-step create a button to go to next step like this: <button (click)="next(matHorizontalStepper)">NEXT STEP</button> In .ts file declare a MatStepper reference named stepper: @ViewChild('matHorizontalStepper') stepper: MatStepper;

For anyone seeing this.

I resolved this with linear completed attributes.

 <mat-horizontal-stepper #stepper [linear]="true">
   <mat-step state="state_1" label="label" [completed]="condition">

Use the completed attribute to mark the step as 'completed'

From the docs:

Alternatively, if you don't want to use the Angular forms, you can pass in the completed property to each of the steps which won't allow the user to continue until it becomes true. Note that if both completed and stepControl are set, the stepControl will take precedence.


Edit: added example

Stepper with editable steps, Stepper with editable steps. 'Disable edit mode'}}. </button>. <mat-horizontal-​stepper linear #stepper>. <mat-step [stepControl]="firstFormGroup". The way to disable steps is to add on the `' a editable attribute. <mat-step [editable]="myStepEditable"></mat-step> It worked for me because I need to handle disabled after the step was completed already I don't know if this can prevent entering next steps

if you want to disable step 2 you should use [completed] on step 1, at the same time setting [stepControl] to null, because [stepControl] takes precedence over [completed]

 <mat-horizontal-stepper #stepper [linear]="true">
   <!-- step1 -->
     [stepControl]="shouldNextStepBeDisabled ? null : formGroup"
     [completed]="shouldNextStepBeDisabled ? false : formGroup.valid">

angular-drv2wd, The problem is that you cannot fully disable the header navigation, but you can prevent it from being active until a certain moment. And that moment is form.invalid . My situation was the following: User needs to fill the form inside the step, press 'save' and only then be able to use NEXT button and navigate the stepper further (also back).

Angular Material 7 - Stepper. The <mat-stepper>, an Angular Directive, is used to create a wizard like work-flow steps. In this chapter, we will showcase the configuration required to draw a stepper control using Angular Material.

Overview for stepper. Failed to load document: /assets/documents/overview/material-stepper.html. Error: Response with status: 403 OK for URL: /assets/documents

Trying to use a mat-vertical-stepper but linear input doesn't work. It always treats it as false no matter if I set it to true . I've even copy/pasted the mat-vertical-stepper from official docs into my project with the same result.