How can I "pretty print" a Duration in Java?

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Does anyone know of a Java library that can pretty print a number in milliseconds in the same way that C# does?

E.g., 123456 ms as a long would be printed as 4d1h3m5s.

Joda Time has a pretty good way to do this using a PeriodFormatterBuilder.

Quick Win: PeriodFormat.getDefault().print(duration.toPeriod());


//import org.joda.time.format.PeriodFormatter;
//import org.joda.time.format.PeriodFormatterBuilder;
//import org.joda.time.Duration;

Duration duration = new Duration(123456); // in milliseconds
PeriodFormatter formatter = new PeriodFormatterBuilder()
String formatted = formatter.print(duration.toPeriod());

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I've built a simple solution, using Java 8's Duration.toString() and a bit of regex:

public static String humanReadableFormat(Duration duration) {
    return duration.toString()
            .replaceAll("(\\d[HMS])(?!$)", "$1 ")

The result will look like:

- 5h
- 7h 15m
- 6h 50m 15s
- 2h 5s
- 0.1s

If you don't want spaces between, just remove replaceAll.

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Apache commons-lang provides a useful class to get this done as well DurationFormatUtils

e.g. DurationFormatUtils.formatDurationHMS( 15362 * 1000 ) ) => 4:16:02.000 (H:m:s.millis) DurationFormatUtils.formatDurationISO( 15362 * 1000 ) ) => P0Y0M0DT4H16M2.000S, cf. ISO8601

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JodaTime has a Period class that can represent such quantities, and can be rendered (via IsoPeriodFormat) in ISO8601 format, e.g. PT4D1H3M5S, e.g.

Period period = new Period(millis);
String formatted = ISOPeriodFormat.standard().print(period);

If that format isn't the one you want, then PeriodFormatterBuilder lets you assemble arbitrary layouts, including your C#-style 4d1h3m5s.

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With Java 8 you can also use the toString() method of java.time.Duration to format it without external libraries using ISO 8601 seconds based representation such as PT8H6M12.345S.

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  • FYI, the format you seem to be describing is a Duration defined in the sensible standard, ISO 8601: PnYnMnDTnHnMnS where P means "Period" and marks the beginning, T separates the date portion from time portion, and in between are optional occurrances of a number with a single-letter abbreviation. For example, PT4H30M = four and a half hours.
  • If all else fails it's a very simple matter to do it yourself. Just use successive applications of % and / to split the number into parts. Almost easier than some of the proposed answers.
  • @HotLicks Leave it to library methods for much cleaner and clearer code than using / and %.
  • Yes, in the intervening 8 years since I asked this question (!) I've moved over to joda time which suits my use case very well
  • @phatmanace The Joda-Time project is now in maintenance-mode, and advises migration to the java.time classes built into Java 8 and later.
  • It appears from an answer below that an instance of Period can be created directly, without first creating a Duration instance and then converting it to Period. E.g. Period period = new Period(millis); String formatted = formatter.print(period);
  • Beware of this "duration.toPeriod()" conversion. If the duration is quite big, the day portion onwards would remain as 0. The hours portion will keep growing. You will get 25h10m23s but never get the "d". The reason is there is no fully correct way to convert hours to days in Joda's strict ways. Most of the cases, if you are comparing two instants and wanting to print it, you can do new Period(t1, t2) instead of new Duration(t1, t2).toPeriod().
  • @Boon do you know how to convert duration to period with respect to days? I use duration from which I can substitute second in my on my timer. Event setting PeriodType.daysTime() or .standard() didn't help
  • @murt If you really want to, and can accept the standard definition of a day, then you can "formatter.print(duration.toPeriod().normalizedStandard())" in the code above. Have fun!
  • You should never rely on the output of toStrong() because this may change in further versions.
  • @Weltraumschaf it's not likely to change, since it's specified in the javadoc
  • @Weltraumschaf Unlikely to change as the output of Duration::toString is formatted according to the well-defined and well-worn ISO 8601 standard.
  • Just as a note, new Period(millis).toString() uses the ISOPeriodFormat.standard() by default.