How to make Firefox Developer Tools display FirePHP messages within console?

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I decided to try working with the Firefox Developer Edition. I am writing PHP code for a Joomla site and use Firebug & FirePHP to send data to the console. While that works fine with the standard Firefox (36.0.4), I get no output with the Developer Edition (38.0a2).

Am I missing something? Should that work OK?

Actually after digging a bit around, found that Firefox Developer Edition already has an integrated server side logging. You can implement it via Chrome Logger, which has also a PHP extension available.

Besides that you can try it with the newest version of FirePHP, but as far as I can tell it works only with Firebug 2.x, which doesn't work while Firefox is working in multi-process mode.

I got the server loggin console working without an issue with Chrome Logger instead of the FirePHP port. And with I can't make it work.

Console messages, Most of the Web Console is occupied by the message display pane: can set the javascript.options.asyncstack preference to true in the Firefox  Then any messages or errors your source generates will show up in the Web Console with a link back to the original source, not the compressed version. Async stack frames If you wish to be able to view stack frames for async functions separately from those for synchronous functions, you can set the javascript.options.asyncstack preference to true in the Firefox Configuration Editor .

On it says "Coming Soon: FirePHP Extension for Firebug.Next (Firebug 3.0) & Firefox Developer Tools" but no date is given.

Migrating from Firebug, When migrating from Firebug to the Firefox Developer Tools, you may Firebug extensions like FirePHP allow to log server-side messages to the Firebug console. The DevTools do not have a side panel like the Command Editor (​which is The Web Console displays a preview within the Response tab. FirePHP. Current Rating: 4/5 stars. FirePHP makes it possible to quickly and easily debug code without interfering with live content. It’s the perfect Firefox add-on for AJAX developers that allows you to log to your Firebug Console using a simple PHP method call. Add-on User Review: by flagist on August 14, 2014 – permalink

FirePHP for Firefox Developer Tools has now been released :

How to Debug PHP Using Firefox with FirePHP, You'll learn the basics of leveraging Firefox in conjunction with Firebug and FirePHP libraries on web apps and logging messages in the Firebug console. extends the popular in-browser web development tool called Firebug with an API for PHP In your script, you can use the following code block to create the FirePHP  Developer Story. Meta user. Network profile 8 How to make Firefox Developer Tools display FirePHP messages within console? Feb 4 '16. 6 Customize Firefox

Take a look at QuantumPHP. Browser add-on:

FirePHP fork that works with the above add-on:

composer require frankforte/quantumphp

If you do not use composer, you can also follow the instructions here:

Debugging PHP Code with FirePHP, FirePHP is a PHP library used to generate console messages in the If you're using Firefox, install FireBug for an expanded set of tools to debug your icon, choose tools, and click 'Developer Tools' to display the console. Open the tools. Firebug can be opened by pressing F12. To open it to inspect an element it is possible to press Ctrl + Shift + C / Cmd + Opt + C. The DevTools share the same shortcuts, but also provide shortcuts for the different panels. E.g. the Network Monitor can be opened via Ctrl + Shift + Q / Cmd + Opt + Q,

Debug PHP with Firebug and FirePHP, Front End Developer Once you're set up, you can log warnings and errors in your PHP scripts to to install the FirePHP extension from Mozilla's Firefox Add-​ons site. the message as a standard log, a warning, an error, or information. This code will produce the following output in the Firebug console:. Stack Overflow | The World’s Largest Online Community for Developers

FirePHP, to see these messages in your devtools. Log from PHP to Browser Developer Tools via HTTP Response Headers. Supported Browsers. For local installation and  Once you have the developer tools open you can switch to the console by clicking the Console tab at the top of the window. The ‘Elements’ tab with a console pane at the bottom. In Chrome, you can also launch a console below any of the other tabs by clicking on the console icon in the top right of the developer tools window.

The Best Firefox Add-ons for Developers: 35 Tools for Programmers, Get 35 time-saving Firefox Add-Ons to make your work easier. The ability to show only FirePHP debug messages in FireBug console. developer tools, FireQuery presents jQuery expressions nicely in the Firebug Console,  The Core Tools. You can open the Firefox Developer Tools from the menu by selecting Tools > Web Developer > Toggle Tools or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I or F12 on Windows and Linux, or Cmd + Opt + I on macOS.