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I have a webpage which has a 'see Terms' option. On clicking 'see Terms' a modal dialog box opens. I want to verify the text in the modal dialog. The problem I am facing is that how to switch to modal dialog box from the main window. I tried the driver.getWindowHandles() but that dowsn't work. Please suggest how can I switch focus to dialog box and get it's text.

I am using Selenium 2.52.0 and java as a language.

HI simply use like below it will work NOTE please update your selenium version.

String contentOfTerms = driver.findElement(By.xpath("//*[@class='terms_content']/p")).getText();

Verify text present in jquery dialog box, Verify text present in jquery dialog box · selenium-webdriver. I need to verfiy the dialog box displayed on clicking a 'Save' button for below conditions. Similar to the Edit box, Text Area is also used to enter some text but the difference is that when there is a need to enter a large description then you can see Text Area on a WebPage. Mostly on the screen, you have seen Description Box, Comment box, Note box so all these are identified by Text Area.

It's not a separate window, so you shouldn't do anything with getWindowHandles(). Just try to assert by getting the text with browser.findElement(modal path).getText() on the same page.

How To Interact with Modal Windows Selenium, How do we interact with the Random modal Dialog Box? WebDriver; import org​ If the modal element is found, isDisplayed() returns true if modal is displayed and false otherwise. popup and at the same time to use a generic method to handle no mater what popup opens. This includes both code snippets embedded in the card text and code that is included as a file attachment. Excepted from this license are code snippets that are explicitely marked as citations from another source.

You need to switch window if it is in different frame but its does not look like a different frame although if it is in different frame the try and use following code which will switch parent to child window:

public void windowSwitch()
                String parentWin = driver.getWindowHandle();    
                Set<String> allwin =driver.getWindowHandles();
            for(String child : allwin)

And if it is a dialog box only then use following code to get string from it:

        public String alert()
        {    String str;
            Alert alert =  driver.switchTo().alert();  
            str= alert.getText();
            return  str;


Alert & Popup Window Handling in Selenium WebDriver, In this tutorial, we will learn about how to handle popup and alert in selenium, In this tutorial, we will learn about different types of alert found in web application the user and selenium webdriver can enter the text using sendkeys(" input…. ")​. Handling Alert in Selenium Webdriver using above scenario You can verify presence of element by using " verifyElementPresent " command in selenium IDE software testing tool. Also you can view example of selenium IDE software testing tool's " verifyElementNotPresent " command.

driver.switchTo().activeElement(); ///to switch into active popupelement...

driver.findElement(By.xpath("//*[@class='terms_content']/p")).getText();//to get a text of a element you given itll work for you..

Selenium with Java 45, UnhandledAlertException: Modal dialog present. To reproduce this Url = "http://​";. //This step Following code will read the text from the Alert and then accept the alert. Important How to Verify file download with selenium using IIS Service June 10  In these cases, the page displays the “popup not displayed” and “done” messages: Other times, when clicking the button, the modal is displayed: After closing the modal, the page displays “done”. The sample code consists in 3 classes: test class -this includes setUp() and tearDown() methods and the test script.

How to Handle Different types of Alert And Popup Box in Selenium , Selenium Web Driver : Handle Confirm Box using Java getText()); // Get text on alert box javascriptAlert.accept(); javascriptprompt. getText(); alert.dismiss(); checkDialogText(driver, expectedDialogText, Modal.confirm() alertIsPresent()); // Before you try to switch to the so given alert, he needs to be present. 1.1 Verify Text Present. In many test automation scenarios, before or after the test step we need to check if the specific text is displaying or not. We donot our test scripts to stop irrespective the result (text found or not). To achieve this objective, we have various approaches that can be used.

org.openqa.selenium.Alert.getText java code examples, xpath("//button[contains(text(),'Add User')]"));;. Because the modal dialog starts out hidden, I use an explicit selenium wait for  Approach to handle Bootstrap modal window in Selenium WebDriver. We have already discussed above the hierarchy of Bootstrap modal. Hence, we will follow the hierarchy to identify objects on the modal window. Thus, first we will click on Trigger element and then we will write a combined XPath for modal container and modal content.

Bootstrap Modals and Selenium, Handling popup is one of the most challenging piece of work to automate. Let us see how do we handle them using WebDriver. 3) String getText() – The getText() method returns the text displayed on the alert box. p >Click the button to display a confirm box. Finally Robot Class found me a way.. :). Handle Alert & Popups In Selenium Python. Whenever an Alert gets triggered and a pop-up appears on the web page, the control remains with the parent web page. So first we need to switch or transfer the control to alert pop-up before doing any operations.

  • You need to switch only when there is seperate window, But I think modal dialog boxhtml code is in same window. Also checked if there is frame then switch frame first.
  • That doesn't work. It says cannot locate the element.
  • hi plz use this xpath //*[@class='terms_content_team_upgrade_cs5_promo']/div[2]/p plz confirm if it helps
  • that works. Thanks :) But can you tell me hoe did you compute this xpath? I am using a firefox plugin firepath to get the xpath and that gives me a different xpath : html/body/div[10]/div/div/div[2]/div/div[2]/p[1] which doesn't work for this.
  • yeah i have used custom xpath generated by me not by any tool and to generate your custom xpath u have to understand how to do that and telling that thing over here is not possible but you can search for the same definitely you will get some crucial information regarding that thanks
  • I googled it and found the required information. Thanks a lot for the help :)
  • It is a modal dialog box. No new window is created. It is not an Alert as well. If I treat it as Alert then I get a NoAlertPresentException.