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Can someone please tell me no matter what I do there is a small gap below my header img. Here is my css

.site-header {
position: relative;
border-bottom: 5px solid #121212;
padding: 0px !important;
margin: 0px !important;


My site Gfx hideout

Ps on a tablet so i dont have access to inspect. thank you for your time.

Just add display:block css to the header image

This will remove the space below the img tag, which is display:inline by default.

The space you are seeing is for descenders. This space is kept for characters like "y" ,"p".

How do I remove the space below my header img, Just add display:block css to the header image. This will remove the space below the img tag, which is display:inline by default. The space you  In my case, I had green (padding) above my header, blue (header), and orange (margin) below my header. And orange (margin) below other elements. I did not have additional padding above or below any of the other elements. My css To remove space between header and featured image is: {margin-bottom: 0;} To remove space

Add display:block; to the header img

header img{display:block;}

How to remove white space below the header and above the footer , You want to remove the white space that is positioned below the header area and above the footer on pages/posts, right? We made a simple guide for that. I for whatever reason cannot get rid of the gap between my header and the nav bar menu. I've tried every adjustment of padding/margins I can think of to either push it up or move the bar, but it just does funky stuff with the menu or pushes other content up.

I agree with @Gautam Naik that you could set your image CSS to be display:block, but another problem is that you have:

border-bottom: 5px solid #121212; 

inside of your .site-header class, which to me does not make a lot of sense and also adds excess space between your header image, navigation, and content div. Try removing it to test what I am talking about out!

Topic: Reducing white space between header image and menubar , Also, I would like to make my Featured Image larger, so it is full bleed and longer scroll. so reducing that padding will remove some of the whitespace. Thanks for this – when I inputted into the CSS under the Customize  Image inside div has extra space below the image (9 answers) Closed 4 years ago . In Firefox only my video thumbnails are displaying mysterious 2-3 pixels of white space between the bottom of my image and its border (see below).

Topic: Remove space between header image and content , I am working with the yoga theme. I want my front page to appear as a photo with a quote under it. To do this, I had to remove the page title from  How can I reduce the white space between top of the page to menu, and between the header image and first post title (for mobile)? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This reply was modified 2 years, 7 months ago by pinion10 .

Removing blank space below header, That header has margin-bottom: 30px; , so you have to add this to your CSS. .site​-header { margin-bottom: 0px; }. If you want to remove it even  I am giving my full code below: The space is not just above the header image but on all four sides. It must be something very basic but I am not able to locate it.

White Space Above/Below Header Image, but I still have big white spaces above and below my header image. @​Bookmama: You have to remove Social widget from “Header Top  Here is how you increase –or decrease– the empty space between your header and the main text. Open the Page Setup dialogue (from the Page Layout menu) and go to the third tab ( Layout ), where you see Header settings, referring to the distance of your header from the edge of the paper. Please note: your header will keep this distance

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