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I'm stuck in a situation, in a nested loop. The top loop iterating over the Feeds array and every feed in Feeds have comments array. This comments is used for inner loop.

My problem is, I have Comment button and on click of that button, I want to show the list of comments only for that feed post. But instead of showing comments on current feed post, it is showing comments for all other feeds also, that's because of use of only one Boolean variable showComments created inside .ts file.

So how can make that work for only the given context Feed post?


<ng-container *ngFor="let feed of feeds">
  <div class="ed-card ed-card-feed">
    <div class="ed-card-feed--footer">
      <div class="card-feed-values">
        <a class="mr-4"><span>{{feed.likes_count}}</span> Likes</a>
        <a><span>{{feed.comments_count}}</span> Comments</a>
      <div class="card-feed-actions">
        <a class="mr-5" (click)="likePost("><span></span> Like</a>
       <a href="javascript:void(0)" class="mr-5" (click)="showComments = true"><span></span> Comment button</a>
    // Below  div needs to be open for that particular feed only
    <div *ngIf="showComments" class="ed-card-feed--comments">
      <div class="feed-comments-list">
        <ng-container *ngFor="let comment of feed.comments?.edges">
          <div class="comment-list-item">
            <p class="comment-box mt-1">

P.S. - Please don't confuse with feed.comments?.edges that's just because of GraphQL. It is just an array.


You can maintain an array of showComments[] equal to size of feeds with initially set to false. showComments[false,false...]

<ng-container *ngFor="let feed of feeds; let myIndex = index"">
 //code here
<a href="javascript:void(0)" class="mr-5" (click)="showComments[myindex] = true"><span></span> Comment button</a>

//check if true

<div *ngIf="showComments[myindex] === true" class="ed-card-feed--comments">

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Instead of a boolean, you can define a selectedFeeds array:

selectedFeeds = new Array<Feed>();

In the template, you add the feed that has been clicked to selectedFeeds:

<a href="javascript:void(0)" class="mr-5" (click)="selectedFeeds.push(feed)>Comment button</a>

and you filter the comments according to the selected feeds:

<div *ngIf="selectedFeeds.indexOf(feed) >= 0" class="ed-card-feed--comments">

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The best way to achieve this is to separate the code to different components. And since each of the component will have it's own instance of comments - you won't have a problem creating a local variable and showing/displaying the comments in there.

I've created an example of how it can be implemented: stackblitz

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  • It will work but everytime the feed will change the previous feed comment-box will be closed
  • The question mentioned that you wanted to see the comments "only for that feed post". I modified my answer to allow the selection of multiple feeds.
  • pushing into selectedFeeds is also a good way. Just might cost space if feed object is huge.
  • @Helpinghand - Not really. It only adds a Feed pointer to the array, not the Feed content.