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Let's say I have a RecyclerView filled with Car objects. A Car has a lot of variables like ID, size, colour, logo, etc. Every car is saved to the database.

Now, when I want to open the DetailActivity about the specific Car, should I pass the whole object into the new activity OR just an ID and get data from database in DetailActivity again?

Which solution will be more relevant and faster?

If you need to pass one or two properties then its fine. If it is more than two then it is preferred if you use id and query it from DB.

Passing objects between activities in android (Example), We can just put the them to intent with unique key and send it to an another activity. But it is bit complex when passing custom objects between activities. This is the Actual object serialization do in writeToParcel method. Android developers often face a predicament while passing object references to activities of whether to go with the Java Serialization method or opt for Android Parcelable. Passing primitive data types like string, integer, float, etc. through intents is quite easy in Android. All you have to do is put the data with unique key in intents and

First you should make your object implement Parcelable.

Once you have your object implemented the Parcelable, you attach it to the Intent like this:

Intent intent = new Intent();
intent.putExtra("extra_object_1", your_parcelable_object);

When you are ready to pull the object, use intent.getParcelableExtra():

Intent intent  = Context.getIntent();
MyParcelable obj = (MyParcelable) intent.getParcelableExtra("extra_object_1");

Passing Objects via Intent in Android, Whenever you want to pass an object, you can either make your objects Parcelable or Serializable. Both approaches are a way to serialize and  In this technique, we have used the Serialization for the list passing. Serialization is the process of converting an object into a stream of bytes in order to store the object or transmit it to memory, a database, or a file. Its main purpose is to save the state of an object in order to be able to recreate it when needed.

If object size is small, you should pass the data through the intent using Parcelable. if data size is large then pass the id to you activity and then get the data from database.

Based on this Answer you can pass 1 MB of data in Intent.

So choose the approach based on the situation.

How to pass object between Activities with Android Parcelable, If a user wants to send Java objects through intent, Java class should be Parcelable requires this method to bind everything together. Passing data with intent. Passing simple data types (String, int, double,…ect) between activities is easy. We can just put the them to intent with unique key and send it to an another activity. But it is bit complex when passing custom objects between activities. This is the place where serialization comes.

How to pass Java Object from one activity to another Activity , How to pass Java Object from one activity to another Activity Take your app to the top Duration: 5:34 Posted: Oct 4, 2014 We can pass the object from one activity to another activity: SupplierDetails poSuppliersDetails = new SupplierDetails(); Inside poSuppliersDetails we have some values. Now I am sending this object to target activity: Intent iPODetails = new Intent(ActivityOne.this, ActivityTwo.class); iPODetails.putExtra("poSuppliersDetails", poSuppliersDetails);

Sending Data Between Activities in Android, In this post, I'll discuss a few ways to pass data between Activities using Android Intents are objects used to trigger actions from other Android  I was also able to setup an onListItemClick method just fine for primitive data (title string). I ended up writing something like so for the onListItemClick method: Just to note, the productArray is a class var that's being set by another method that holds an array of JSONObjects.

Android, It is also possible to pass your custom object to other activities using the Bundle class. There are two ways: Serializable interface—for Java and Android  You have two ways to pass object parameter to one class to another. Passing parameter to a method. public void passMethod(ABC ab) { } Passing parameter to a constructor. public class XYZ { public XYZ(ABC ab) { } }