In Windows 7 Git Bash, is there a way to explore the directory at the current location?

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I would like to explore the folder in the Windows Explorer from the shell. I know a lot of people have been asking to Cmd here from a folder.

I'd like to do just the opposite and open a new window located at the current directory being browsed.

To open Windows Explorer at the current folder, just enter:

explorer .

Where is the Git Bash `/` directory?, In Windows 7 Git Bash, is there a way to explore the directory at the current location? Multi tool use The name of the picture Clash Royale  When I open Git Bash on Windows 7, the default directory is /. It has *nix-style subdirectories, and cd .. doesn't change the directory. Where is this directory on my Windows machine? The directory C:\Program Files\Git\ has similar contents, except that / has a proc subdirectory, and C:\Program Files\Git\ doesn't.

Type start . - it will open Windows Explorer at the current location.

The start command acts like a double click, so use it to open files too:

start index.html

How To Install Git Bash On Windows, Git Bash for Windows is a package that comprises of git and bash. It keeps a commit history which allows you to revert to a stable state in case you mess up your code. Next, select the location you want to install Git Bash. You can change the name of start menu folder here if you want, 7 minute read. This guide also assumes that you have installed Git in the default directory as set in the installation process. On Windows 7, the default directory is C:\Program Files\Git. To install Git for Windows, click on this link. Open Git Bash in your Windows Start menu.

If you type cmd into to Location Bar, Windows will open up a command line within the folder you are browsing.

Getting a Git Repository, 7. Git Tools. 7.1 Revision Selection; 7.2 Interactive Staging; 7.3 Stashing and If you can read only one chapter to get going with Git, this is it. of your project and view changes between commits, and how to push and pull from for Windows: new libgit2 directory that was just created, you'll see the project files in there,  The location of the system and global gitconfig configuration files varies, depending on which environment (native Windows command, Windows shell or MSYS2 shell) you're using, and depending on which binary (Git for Windows versus native git). There's a logic to it, but it can be hard to figure out

If you're coming from Mac OS X or Linux background, you can also create an alias in your .bash_profile to use the open command as you would do on other *nix environments.

Just add the following line to your ~/.bash_profile:

alias open="explorer ."



Then you can use the open command to open the current folder.

cd (command), The cd command, also known as chdir (change directory), is a command-line shell command used to change the current working directory in various operating systems. It can be used in shell scripts and batch files. This is the case in most of the Unix shells (Bourne shell, tcsh, bash, etc.), cmd.exe See also[edit]. Free and  I'm running a git bash on windows 7, and would like to remove a few hosts from the known_hosts file. I can't seem to find a .ssh directory anywhere. Where does the ssh client included with git bash

Windows: explorer .

Mac: open .

Easiest Way to Download Git Bash Commands on Windows, The best way to define Git bash (for Windows or Linux or Mac) is that it's a source control Once you have made your selection, click Install and you should see the installation progress running after this step. This command will respond with the current directory location. 7 Tips to Optimize your Content for Amazon SEO. 1.Open GitHub Windows client. 2.Click tools (at the top of the window) and select 'Options'. 3.There you will find 'default storage location'. This is where Git Shell starts when you run it.

Navigating Files and Directories – The Unix Shell, How can I specify the location of a file or directory on my computer? To start exploring them, we'll go to our open shell window. On Linux it may look like /​home/nelle , and on Windows it will be similar to C:\Documents and works (​either man or --help , eg. man works for macOS and --help typically works for Git Bash). If you're using GitHub for Windows, git.exe may not be in your PATH, but you may find it in a location like: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\GitHub\PortableGit_<numbersandletters>\bin\git.exe. That's the situation for me, in Windows 7 + version 1.0 of GitHub for Windows. In Windows 10 it appears to be in:

Git Bash For windows - Git, When I try to mkdir in the git bash it says "cannot create directory how can I get permission for that so I can continue my courses. cd ~ # bash replaces ~ with the location of your home directory When I analyze this folder, I see that it is read only for admin and users ionatan August 7, 2019, 8:35pm #6. Step 4 : Right-click on "shell" and choose New > Key. name the Key "Bash" Step 5 : Modify the value and set it to "open in Bash" This is the text that appears in the right click. Step 6 : Create a new key under Bash and name it "command". Set the value of this key to your git-bash.exe path. Close the registry editor.

Learn Android Studio: Build Android Apps Quickly and Effectively, If you do not have Git installed on your computer, see Chapter 7. Open a Git-bash session in Windows (or a terminal in Mac or Linux) and navigate to  "env" command inside the git-bash shell would show correct c:/user/myusername. But git-bash would still start in U: What ultimately fixed it for me was editing the git-bash shortcut and removing the "--cd-to-home" from the Target line. I'm on Windows 10 running latest version of Git-for-windows 2.22.0.

  • I think you need to clarify this a little bit, what do you want? Open up a new command line while browsing; or open up a browser while using command line?
  • Why don't you just type ls and explore :)
  • explorer . is the answer I seek. Thank you all!
  • @GraphicAgenda make an alias for it so you can save some key strokes. I do lsa (as I too use it all the time).
  • do you know if I type in finder . on a Mac it incur a new finder window?
  • Discovered it is open . in the terminal
  • @GraphicAgenda open will open anything. You can open PDFs, excel, etc. Really nice command.
  • @sixtyfootersdude I use it open applications, like open -a [Application Name], favorite command
  • What if I want to open a folder that is in my current directory?
  • this is weird. I type in "start" alone and it brings up another Cmd window. I like your answer as well.
  • Add (.) after start
  • start [anything] will perform the same action that a double click would perform. I assume it's calling ShellExecute()
  • This is very helpful. Knowing this will keep me inside git-bash environment longer
  • +1 very useful.How to exit from cmd. where can i learn more detail about Gitbash