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How do you make a query where you ORDER BY birthday disregarding the year altogether. I need to eliminate/disregard the year and ORDER BY birthdate month and birthdate day from today's date in either ASC or DESC.

The below won't work because the years of the birthdate come into play. The below example shows what happens when the year is regarded:

John   01/02/1974
Billy  11/15/2000
Ally   06/25/2008

SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY birthdate

Expected results when ordering by birthday:

John   01/02/1974
Ally   06/25/2008
Billy  11/15/2000

This will normalize all dates to the year 2000:

ORDER BY DATEADD(YEAR, 2000-YEAR(birthday), birthday);

This will handle leap year babies correctly.

How to sort birthdays (dates) by month/year/day only in Excel?, Normally the dates are sorted firstly by the year, then month, and at last the date in Excel, and it seems quite hard to sort dates only by the month with ignoring  I have a list of names in one column, and their date of birth in another column. I want to sort day and month, disregarding the year, in order to see who has a birthday this month.

EDIT: @AaronBertrand's comment is correct, day-of-year doesn't hold for leap years. You could use his solution. Another way is to order by month and day, like:

SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY month(birthdate), day(birthdate)

Sort dates by month and day only, ignoring the year (Excel 2016), Sort dates by month and day only, ignoring the year (Excel 2016). If you've ever tried to sort dates without regard to year, perhaps for a birthday  Normally the dates are sorted firstly by the year, then month, and at last the date in Excel, and it seems quite hard to sort dates only by the month with ignoring the year, even if the month is formatted at the beginning, such as Dec 12, 2011. However, sometime it may ask for sorting birthdays by month when sending birthday cards, or other


SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY SUBSTRING(birthdate, 1, 5);

How to Sort Dates By 'Month and Day Only' in Excel, Learn how to sort dates in Microsoft Excel by month and day only, while ignoring the year (e.g Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc). For example, if you want to group anniversary dates such as clients, birthdays, etc. By default, when you sort dates in a column, they are sorted by year, month, and day. If there are dates from

Try this query

It order the birthdate in ascending order

SELECT `id`, `teacher_name`, `phn_num`, `date_of_birth`, `date_of_birth` + INTERVAL(YEAR(CURRENT_DATE()) - YEAR(`date_of_birth`)) + 0 YEAR AS currbirthday, `date_of_birth` + INTERVAL(YEAR(CURRENT_DATE()) - YEAR(`date_of_birth`)) + 1 YEAR AS nextbirthday FROM `teacher_details` ORDER BY CASE WHEN currbirthday >= CURRENT_DATE() THEN currbirthday ELSE nextbirthday END

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Sorting Dates by Month (Microsoft Excel), For instance, you may have a list of people and their birthdays, and you want to sort the list by birthday month so that you know whose birthdays occur within a  The year of birth isn't a factor. Thus, if your birthday is July 15, 1965, and your spouse's is Sept. 17, 1963, your health plan would be considered primary because your birthday comes first in the calendar year.

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  • In case you've already implemented the chosen solution, you should check the updated answers.
  • but what if there are dates older than 1900? :)
  • Now, I did!! :) just had to ask, though
  • This does work, but Andomar's solution disregards the year altogether by ordering by the day of the year. Thanks
  • @Patriotec ok... I think his solution may have challenges for leap year babies. I've corrected mine.
  • +1 for the leap year comment. Doing date math right ain't easy!
  • This is not enough on its own. Try dates '2011-02-28','2011-03-01','2012-02-28','2012-02-29','2012-02-30'... on my machine at least this puts 2011-03-01 before 2012-02-29. Also I recommend spelling out the date part instead of using shorthand.
  • This won't work if the column is a date/time data type, since it's not stored as the user presented.