What's the difference between an Angular component and module

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I've been watching videos and reading articles but this specific article make me so confused, at the start of the article it says

The applications in Angular follow modular structure. The Angular apps will contain many modules, each dedicated to the single purpose. Typically module is a cohesive group of code which is integrated with the other modules to run your Angular apps.

A module exports some classes, function and values from its code. The Component is a fundamental block of Angular and multiple components will make up your application.

A module can be a library for another module. For instance, the angular2/core library which is a primary Angular library module will be imported by another component.

Are they exchangeable terms? Is a component a module? But not viceversa?

Components control views (html). They also communicate with other components and services to bring functionality to your app.

Modules consist of one or more components. They do not control any html. Your modules declare which components can be used by components belonging to other modules, which classes will be injected by the dependency injector and which component gets bootstrapped. Modules allow you to manage your components to bring modularity to your app.

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Well, it's too late to post an answer, but i feel it will be easy to understand who are beginners with Angular. One of the example that i give during my presentation.

Consider your angular Application as a Building. A Building can have N number of Apartments in it. An Apartment is considered as a Module. An Apartment can have N number of rooms which correspond to the building blocks of an Angular application named Components.

Now each Apartment (Module) will have Rooms (Components), Lifts (Services) to enable larger movement in and out the apartments, Wires (Pipes) to move information around and make it useful in the apartments.

You will also have places like swimming pool, tennis court which are being shared by all building residents. So these can be considered as components inside SharedModule.

Basically, the difference is as follows,

Follow my slides to understand the building blocks of an Angular application

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Angular Component

A component is one of the basic building blocks of an Angular app. An app can have more than one component. In a normal app, a component contains an HTML view page class file, a class file that controls the behaviour of the HTML page and the CSS/scss file to style your HTML view. A component can be created using @Component decorator that is part of @angular/core module.

import { Component } from '@angular/core';

and to create a component

@Component({selector: 'greet', template: 'Hello {{name}}!'})
class Greet {
  name: string = 'World';

To create a component or angular app here is the tutorial

Angular Module

An angular module is set of angular basic building blocks like component, directives, services etc. An app can have more than one module.

A module can be created using @NgModule decorator.

  imports:      [ BrowserModule ],
  declarations: [ AppComponent ],
  bootstrap:    [ AppComponent ]
export class AppModule { }

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A module in Angular 2 is something which is made from components, directives, services etc. One or many modules combine to make an Application. Modules breakup application into logical pieces of code. Each module performs a single task.

Components in Angular 2 are classes where you write your logic for the page you want to display. Components control the view (html). Components communicate with other components and services.

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  • Not crazy about all of this. Yes, your component will use a service, but the service must be indicated in the module, in the providers array. Your diagram doesn't show this.
  • Can I add a child module inside a component and several components to that module?