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Are there any good, open source engines out there for detecting what language a text is in, perhaps with a probability metric? One that I can run locally and doesn't query Google or Bing? I'd like to detect language for each page in about 15 million pages of OCR'ed text.

Not all documents will contain languages which use the Latin alphabet.

Depending on what you're doing, you might want to check out the python Natural Language Processing Toolkit (NLTK), which has some support for Bayesian Learning Algorithms.

In general, the letter and word frequencies would probably be the fastest evaluation, but the NLTK (or a bayesian learning algorithm in general) will probably be useful if you need to do anything beyond identification of the language. Bayesian methods will probably be useful also if you discover the first two methods have too high of an error rate.

Detecting languages (Basic) | Cloud Translation, This page describes how to provide multiple language codes for audio transcription requests sent to Speech-to-Text. In some situations, you don't know for certain  To detect the language of text or of a web page, follow the instructions on the screen. The system can identify over 50 languages. If the input is in Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Russian, or Spanish, the meaning of the text is encoded numerically as a semantic fingerprint, which is displayed graphically as a grid.

For future reference, the engine I ended up using is libtextcat which is under BSD license but seems not to be maintained since 2003. Still, it does a good job and integrates easily in my toolchain

Detecting language spoken automatically, You've probably used Google Translate before. But did you know that it has a “​detect language” feature that lets you work with unknown languages? To use it,  GOOGLETRANSLATE: Translates text from one language into another. Examples. Accepts both in-cell string and cell reference as the parameters and returns the language code.

I don't think you need anything very sophisticated - for example to detect if a document is in English, with a pretty high level of certainty, simply test if it contains the N most common English words - something like:

"the a an is to are in on in it"

If it contains all of those, I would say it is almost definitely English.

What Language Is This? 5 Tools to Identify Unknown Languages, To detect the language of text or of a web page, follow the instructions on the screen. The system can identify over 50 languages. If the input is in Arabic,  Long name of a detected language (e.g. English, French). score number A confidence score between 0 and 1. Scores close to 1 indicate 100% certainty that the identified language is true.

You can surely build your own, given some statistics about letter frequencies, digraph frequencies, etc, of your target languages.

Then release it as open source. And voila, you have an open source engine for detecting the language of text!

Detect Language, DETECTLANGUAGE. Identifies the language used in text within the specified range. Sample Usage. DETECTLANGUAGE(A2:A7). How to configure Detect Languages Add the dataset containing the text you want to analyze to an experiment in Azure Machine Learning Add the Detect Languages module to your experiment, and connect the dataset with For Text column, choose the column you want to analyze. For Upper bound on

DETECTLANGUAGE - Docs Editors Help, Fast, reliable language identification API. Detects 164 languages. Supports short texts, batch requests, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, PHP, Go, Ruby and more. ;-) With ~1.700.000 pages run, it detects the language correctly for ~50%, has multiple suggestions in where the language appears in ~20% more, and misses the rest. For the misses, I am lucky enough to have other data to back me up :-) – niklassaers Sep 27 '10 at 19:49

How to detect language of user entered text?, Detect the language you're typing and automatically enables the proofing tools for that language. Translation verified by Translate Community Join. Translations are gender-specific. Learn more. Thank you for contributing. Your contribution benefits millions of Translate users. Translations of. Detect language. Recent languages. Kurdish (Kurmanji)

Language Detection API, Having a website automatically detect your preferred language improves your experience with the website and the effectiveness of the  To see what the default system language in Windows 10 is, open an elevated command prompt and type or copy-paste the following command: dism /online /get-intl In the output, you'll find the default system language and all installed languages.

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