how to use attribute names like a:b in python spyne?

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I am trying to change the attribute names, what I have is

class table(ComplexModel):

can I change diffgr to diffgr:id?

as the scheme I am referring to has

<Table diffgr:id="Table1" msdata:rowOrder="0">

I am really stuck, any help?

Spyne Models and Native Python Types, Types like Integer, Decimal, Float, String, Date are all primitives. Here, type_name is a special argument name that gets assigned to __type_name__ instead of the Attributes class. class SomeClass(ComplexModel): a = SomeEnum b = SomeUnicode If you want to use Python keywords as field names, or need leading  There are five types of models in Spyne: Primitive: These are basic models that can contain a single value at a time. Primitive types are more-or-less present in any programming language and all of them map to a well-defined Python type. Types like Integer, Decimal, Float, String, Date are all primitives.

What you ask for is just plain impossible, as it's not valid Python syntax.

spyne.model.complex, getLogger(__name__) import decimal from weakref import name. """ def __new​__(cls, type_, use=None, ns=None, attribute_of=None): retval = super(​XmlAttribute, cls). None) if attrs is None: for b in cls_bases: if hasattr(b, '​Attributes'): class Attributes(b. For Python 3 __prepare__ works out of the box, see PEP 3115. Spyne aims to save the protocol implementers the hassle of implementing their own remote procedure call api and the application programmers the hassle of jumping through hoops just to expose their services using multiple protocols and transports. Changelog ===== spyne-2.12.15-----* Fix graceful import failures for Python 3 spyne-2.12.14-----

Found the solution , in


diffgr is a namespace

hence in order to define a sub namepace, Considering my example, it should be

id =XmlAttribute(String(sub_ns='diffgr'))

Miscellanous Spyne Utilities, class B(A): pass . The xml attributes are ignored. Just like a valid xml document, the dictionary must have a single element. tns='spyne.simple.soap', validator=None, name=None)[source]¶ Use wsgi_soap11_application() instead. contains implementation of an ordered set that works on Python versions 2.4  Spyne is a Python RPC toolkit that makes it easy to expose services that have a well-defined API using multiple protocols and transports. Spyne currently supports a subset of both Xml Schema 1.0 and WSDL 1.1 interface description documents, various Http implementations and ZeroMQ as transports, and SOAP 1.1, HttpRpc, Xml, Json, MessagePack and Yaml standards as protocols.

Models, Returns the class name unless the __type_name__ attribute is defined. classmethod This is called after converting the incoming string to the native python value. Those who'd like to customize the class should use the customize method. In spyne, all parameters are optional (min_occurs=0 and nillable=True) by default. When an argument is omitted from a request, Spyne passes it as None anyway, so Python's default arguments are never used. You should pass the default kwarg to type markers instead.

spyne.model.complex, Otherwise, it should be a string, as the value is used as the name of the intermediate table. :param [docs] '''Use this as a placeholder type in classes that contain themselves. attrs = cls_dict.get('Attributes', None) if attrs is None: for b in cls_bases: if hasattr(b, 'Attributes'): class Attributes(b. It's contained in a Python list. Long answer: The binary floating-point formats in ubiquitous use in modern computers and programming languages cannot represent most numbers like 0.1, just like no terminating decimal representation can represent 1/3.

Complex, This class generates a ComplexModel child that has one attribute that has the same name Those who'd like to customize the class should use the customize method. The string name means the field names are alphabetically sorted in the The string declared means in the order the field type was declared in Python 2,  PyParsing is needed for using HttpPattern's with spyne.protocol.http.HttpRpc. Twisted is needed for anything in spyne.server.twisted and spyne.client.twisted. Django (tested with 1.8 and up) is needed for anything in spyne.server.django. Pyramid is needed for spyne.server.pyramid.PyramidApplication. msgpack-python is needed for spyne.protocol.msgpack.

  • but I have a response like this with such attributes . <NewDataSet xmlns=""> <Table diffgr:id="Table1" msdata:rowOrder="0"> <CityId>1</CityId> <TheatreId>2</TheatreId> <ScreenId>1</ScreenId> <MovieId>10030</MovieId> <BookingId>957</BookingId> how do i achieve this? Im getting validation errors.
  • @RohitashMathur I don't have the slightest idea of how spynes works so I can't tell you what the proper solution is but it's very certainly documented so check spyne's documentation (FWIW what you're looking for is "xml namespaces"). The only thing I can tell you is that you can NOT have ":" in a Python identifier.