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I have a collectionView in my app and i want to reload only first cell of collection view. How can i reload only first cell of UICollectionView?

You can use reloadItemsAtIndexPaths:, method of UICollectionView to reload the first cell.

The index path of first cell is row:0 section:0. NSIndexPath provides a method to create one with a row and a section: indexPathForRow:inSection:.

So the way to reload the first cell is:

[youCollectionView reloadItemsAtIndexPaths:@[[NSIndexPath indexPathForRow:0 inSection:0]]];

reloadItems(at:), Call this method to selectively reload only the specified items. This causes the collection view to discard any cells associated with those items and redisplay  it work but only if I move for one position because I reload data every second, if the reload occur during a move, the move is reset . If I stop the reload of data, it work well like a normal re-ordering But to stop data updating, I need to know when the Drag Begin to stop new data from coming in . and when the Drag ended to restart the data.

The above is correct but not indexpath for row . its a indexpath for item

reloadData(), the collection view only displays those cells and supplementary views that are visible. If the collection data shrinks as a result of the reload, the collection view  Background I try to implement an infinite scroll feature. (First fill the collectionView with cells. When scrolled to the bounds, reload the data and scroll the collectionView to the center.

collectionView.reloadItems(at: [IndexPath(row: 0, section: 0)])

A better way to update UICollectionView data in Swift with diff , It's hard to imagine any application that doesn't use a collection view. to an offset from the starting position of an array, so the first element has an offset of zero. You might use this method to insert, delete, reload, or move cells or use it to change but there are only 6 items in section 0 after the update'  For efficiency, the collection view only displays those cells and supplementary views that are visible. If the collection data shrinks as a result of the reload, the collection view adjusts its scrolling offsets accordingly. You should not call this method in the middle of animation blocks where items are being inserted or deleted.

UICollectionView: How to easily deal with updates, Retweet and favorites cells are only displayed if their count is positive. Even if collectionview update animations are not gorgeous, it's better than a classic  I've this annoying bug in my app that every time I load the UICollectionView controller, it duplicates the cells. So this is the when the collection view loads for the first time: I've 2 view controller so this is the second view controller. If I unwind back to the first view controller which only

Cells not showing up after reloadData · Issue #305 · Instagram , When I toggle to only show isFeatured posts, the collection view updates as expected and I see 3 items. When I Weirdly, if I call reload twice, it displays the cells. I run into a similar issue when I first started using IGListKit. Created attachment 15366 [details] Test case of bug If you have an UICollectionView and you're using resizable cells using EstimatedSize, then calling ReloadData or ReloadSections on the UICollectionView will break cell placement. But only if you scroll down to the bottom of the UICollectionView and the top is no longer visible.

Simplifying animations using batch updates on iOS, We then present cells using table view or collection view, depending on our needs. To update the data we can call reloadData() on the containing view. The problem with this the changes by itself. In fact, we can use the same code we used in the first example. The only thing that we need to change is the present method. Anatomy of a UICollectionView. First, take a look at the example of the finished project. UICollectionView contains several key components, as you can see below: Take a look at these components one-by-one: UICollectionView: The main view in which the content is displayed, similar to a UITableView.