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Currently, I'm trying to find a string in a webpage DOM by doing

driver.find_element_by_xpath("//*[contains(translate(text(),'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ','abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'), '{0}')]".format(text))

However, this finds all instances with that text as a substring.

Is it possible to find the exact text only? and not contains text?


will return exact matching strings only. Whereas,


will return everything with substring as 'string'.

Selenium: How to locate a node using exact text match, tr[.//text()='hello']/td. this will select all td child elements of all tr elements having a child with exactly 'hello' in it. Such an XPath still sounds odd  Selenium Testing | Using Exact. Selenium Testing – Using Exact. Patterns with the prefix ‘exact:’ will match the given text as it is. For example if you give the search pattern as below, then it will match a glob pattern ‘*’ or ‘*.java’.

Use normalize-space() as follows:

driver.find_element_by_xpath("//*[contains(translate(normalize-space(.), 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ', 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'), '{0}')]".format(text))

Selenium - Find exact text match using CSS locators, From typesetting standpoint, the following 3 cases are absolutely equal: <div>​123</div> <div> 123</div> <div> 123 </div>. while from the DOM standpoint, there  Find Elements With Link Text & Partial Link Text In Selenium. CSS locators in Selenium are a fundamental concept that every tester who aims to perform automation testing with Selenium, should be aware of. Proficient use of CSS locators in Selenium can help you perform testing in a more efficient & thorough manner.

Got it to work by using the following code:


Xpath: How to locate a node using exact text match – Just Another , XPath in Selenium WebDriver: Complete TutorialIn "Automation". Mobile Automation With Appium, Robot Framework and Android SDK in  Selenium Find element by text is used to locate a web element using its text value. The text value is generally used when the basic element identification properties such as ID or class have failed. Sometimes, developers tend to group similar web elements with the same ID or the same class together. In such a case, find web element using text

Selenium Find Element By Text Tutorial with Examples, Text() Method of Selenium. Text() method is a built-in method of selenium web driver that can be used to locate an element based on the text of the web element. Below is an example that demonstrates the usage of text method in Selenium. Selenium - IDE Pattern Matching. Like locators, patterns are a type of parameter frequently used by Selenium. It allows users to describe patterns with the help of special characters. Many a time, the text that we would like to verify are dynamic; in that case, pattern matching is very useful.

How to find an element that contains specific text in Selenium , How about following approaches: With Exact word match: elementl = driver.​find_element_by_xpath("//*[text()='Exact Match']") With Partial match: elementl  String str1 = new String("Hello Java"); //Here it is String object. String str2 = new String(); str = "Hello, String"; Strings are immutable:-Immutable means changes made to existing object will not be affected to the object.

4. Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions, Briefly, the “A” and the “n” match themselves, in effect finding words that begin get incorporated into more tools and more languages, so the exact syntax in the  Links can be accessed using an exact or partial match of their link text. The examples below provide scenarios where multiple matches would exist and would explain how WebDriver would deal with them. In this tutorial, we will learn the available methods to find and access the Links using Webdriver. Also, we will discuss some of the common