Android Device Monitor "data" folder is empty

Android Device Monitor "data" folder is empty

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I have tested creating, inserting and retrieving data into my apps db, and know it works through usage of Log statements.

However, I wish to expedite testing and use the Android Device Monitor. However, though the db exists and data is stored, when accessing below, the data folder is empty:

Why would this be the case? How can this be configured to show the db file and contents?

Solving the issue using an emulator

The folder /data can be empty because you are missing the proper permissions. To solve it, I had to execute the following commands.

adb shell

Those commands starts a shell in the emulator and grant you root rights. The command adb is located in the folder platform-tools of the Android SDK, typically installed in ~/Library/Android/sdk/ on MacOS.

chmod -R 777 /data

Modify the permissions of the folder (and subfolders recursively) /data in order to make them appear in the tool Android Device Monitor.

adb root

Finally, this command restarts adb as root. Be careful, it only works on development builds (typically emulators builds).

Afterwards, you can see the content of the folder /data and transfer the data located in. You can do it in console as well, using adb pull <remote> <locale>, such as:

adb pull /data/data/<app name>/databases/<database> .

How to open Android Device Monitor in latest Android Studio 3.1 , If you want to push or pull your files from devices monitor now android studio offers something better then android monitor. Just take a look at  Start Android Device Monitor. To start the standalone Device Monitor application in Android Studio 3.1 and lower, enter the following on the command line in the android-sdk/tools/ directory: monitor. You can then link the tool to a connected device by selecting the device from the Devices pane.

In addition to @Steven K's answers: If you want to gain access to your data without having to root your real device you need to run your app in an emulator with API 23 (or lower). It is a known problem that APIs above 23 can cause problems when deploying Android Device Monitor.

Device Monitor, Android Device Monitor is a stand-alone tool that provides a graphical user interface for several Android application debugging and analysis tools. The Monitor  From the Android Device Monitor, we can take screenshots, spoof incoming calls and. 0:08. texts, spoof location data and much more. 0:11. And actually, ever since Android Studio 2.0, 0:14. a lot of these functionality can be done right from the emulator. 0:17. But there's still a few good reasons to use the Android Device Monitor. 0:20. To open

If anyone is having the stated problem, follow below steps in terminal window:

  1. Navigate to /Users/Username/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools
  2. Execute ./adb root

That's it. Problem solved.

How to open Android device monitor in Android Studio latest version , Updated Info: Android Device Monitor was deprecated in Android Studio 3.1 and removed from Duration: 0:43 Posted: Aug 11, 2018 Android Device Monitor was deprecated in Android Studio 3.1 and removed from Android Studio 3.2. Use Android Profiler introduced in Android Studio 3.0 to measure the cpu utilisation, network, memory etc,. To open Android Profiler: View -> Tool Windows -> Profiler. Android Device Monitor has been replaced by some new feature which you can find here.

It isn't just don't have permission to view that folder on a device.

Try it in a simulator and it will work for you since you have root access.

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It may be easier to store the database in a public folder during development.

Or you can see this post :

How to access data/data folder in Android device?

Using the Android Device Monitor, The Android Device Monitor is a powerful tool for controlling our device. In this video we'll see some of the more useful features and go over how to use them. Android Device Monitor 구성요소 사용할 기능; Dalvik 디버그 모니터 서버(DDMS) 이 도구는 지원 중단되었습니다. 대신 Android 스튜디오 3.0 이상에서 Android 프로파일러를 사용하여 앱의 CPU, 메모리, 네트워크 사용량을 프로파일링하세요.

Using the Android Device Monitor, Note: Android Device Monitor is a tool available on Android Studio versions older than 3.1. If you use Android Studio 3.1 or newer, use a similar tool, Device File  One account. All of Google. Sign in with your Google Account Enter your email. Find my account Sign in with a different account Create account

Android monitor missing in android studio, Android Device Monitor is a standalone tool that provides a UI for several Android app debugging and analysis tools. However, most components  Inicia Android Device Monitor. Para iniciar la aplicación independiente Device Monitor en Android Studio 3.1 y versiones anteriores, ingresa lo siguiente en la línea de comandos del directorio android-sdk/tools/: monitor. Luego, podrás vincular la herramienta a un dispositivo conectado. Para ello, selecciona el dispositivo en el panel Devices.

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