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While writing the excel file is fine I see that really long numbers are formulas in excel

Example: 8.71129E+12

instead of: 1234567890

How can I change the format during the PHP Excel Creation?

I'm following the simple example here

$objPHPExcel->getActiveSheet()->setCellValueExplicit('A1', '1234567890', PHPExcel_Cell_DataType::TYPE_STRING);

setCellValue big number with PHP7 · Issue #1148 · PHPOffice , A big number such as "650108197510161947" being set to a cell in php5.6.24 $writer = PHPExcel_IOFactory::createWriter($phpExcel,  You may want to remove the (int) cast if your Excel file may contain numbers that are outside the range of a 32-bit signed integer. – DaveRandom Apr 26 '13 at 9:58 it is not the problem when saving to DB, the getCalculatedValue() itself is returning 3.581E+8.

Either set the value explicitly as a string, or set a number format mask for the cell that forces display of all digits (e.g. '#,##0' 0r '0') rather than default format.

How do I can get data in number format not scientific notation format , I've a Transaction Id column that contain data in General format cell. With a single dot (decimal point), PHPExcel will treat it as a number, and  The problem is, it is working with other cells but with other cells, it does not work. It gives me an output of ##### inside the cell. as you can see in the screenshot. Screenshot here. I was wondering what seems to be the problem since I used the same code to format other cells as you can see.

Try this code it's works for me :

   ->getCellByColumnAndRow($col, $row)
   ->setValueExplicit($value, PHPExcel_Cell_DataType::TYPE_STRING);

And Good luck !

Solve PHPExcel long string display for scientific counting , In excel, if you enter or copy a long-length numeric string in a default cell, it will be displayed as a scientific method, such as an ID number. Using PHPExcel to generate excel, you will also encounter the same problem, there are three  This will format a number e.g. 1587.2 so it shows up as 1,587.20 when you open the workbook in MS Office Excel. (Depending on settings for decimal and thousands separators in Microsoft Office Excel it may show up as 1.587,20).

Add more than 20 digits in Excel without an exponential sign, All numbers are stored internally by Excel as 15 digit floating-point numbers. text by putting an ' before it, as Damien says, or by formatting the cell as Text. I know absolutely nothing about Excel, but I believe you can write Visual Basic code for it. Use the fixed delimiter and split the number in half (if really long then into  How to set cell/column value dynamically using PHPExcel library? I am fetching result set from MySQL database and I want to write data in excel format using PHPExcel library.

PHPExcel number format not displaying correctly, PHPExcel number format not displaying correctly - php. Maybe this could help: phpExcel write long number in cell You could also have a look at the INI setting  When you enter a long number, type a single quotation mark (') first in the cell, and then type the long number. For example, type '1234567890123456789 and the quotation mark will not be displayed after you press ENTER.

Set data type in excel cells in PHP Excel class, I have large about 20 digit long numbers which I want to export to excel cell(each cell of the entire column will have different numbers). I have found that you can  News Letters Newsletter is a regularly distributed publication, content, product, compaign, etc. to its subscribers. Send