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I have so far produced the below code to try and pull the relevant data together.

However with the '+ 7' function it is producing the below issue.

Registration date = '2018-01-01'

It is pulling back purchase dates of 2018-04-08, i.e as long as the day of the day is 7 days greater then it is being deemed acceptable. When in reality what I ma looking for is any all purchases within 7 days of the registration date.

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

select *
from purchases b
inner join registrations r
on r.customer_id = b.customer_id
and day(b.purchase_date) between d(r.account_opening_date) and day(r.account_opening_date) + 7
and r.account_opening_date >= '2018-01-01 00:00:00.0'

Use DATE_ADD instead, DAY() will not work well when dates to compare are in different months.

AND b.purchase_date >= r.account_opening_date AND 
    b.purchase_date <= DATE_ADD(r.account_opening_date INTERVAL 7 Day)

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you can use window function

 select *
 partition by (order by account_opening_date rows 6 preceding)
 from purchases p, registrations r
 where p.customer_id = r.customer_id
 and r.account_opening_date >= '2018-01-01 00:00:00.0'

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You can simply use +:

select *
from purchases b inner join
    registrations r
    on r.customer_id = b.customer_id and
       b.purchase_date >= r.account_opening_date and 
       b.purchase_date < r.account_opening_date + interval 7 day
where r.account_opening_date >= '2018-01-01';

If you want to do this without the time component, then use the date() function:

    on r.customer_id = b.customer_id and
       b.purchase_date >= r.account_opening_date and 
       b.purchase_date <= date(r.account_opening_date) + interval 7 day
where r.account_opening_date >= '2018-01-01'

Whether you use < or <= depends on the exactly interpretation of "within 7 days". This version assumes that you really want 7-8 days.

MySQL Tutorial - MySQL By Examples for Beginners, A table is made up of columns (or fields) and rows (records). You can use SHOW DATABASES to list all the existing databases in the server. Order the results by price in descending order mysql> SELECT * FROM products Function YEAR(date), MONTH(date), DAY(date) returns -- the year, month, day part of the  Anonymous asked in Cars & Transportation Insurance & Registration · 1 decade ago What does, "within 7 days of the registration date" mean? Does that mean within 7 days after the registration date or within 7 days before the registration.

It sounds like you need to use DATE_ADD and DATE MySQL functions.

select *
from purchases b
inner join registrations r
on r.customer_id = b.customer_id
and date(b.purchase_date) between date(r.account_opening_date) and date_add(r.account_opening_date interval 7 day)
and r.account_opening_date >= '2018-01-01 00:00:00.0'

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If a date is within 7 days of todays date, Add a conditional highlight when this value is "within 7 days" If this is what you are looking for, a small tweak will get rid of that false positive. Scrap that I worked it out, thank you very much all working. Be aware that a blank due date will result in a true value. Make it a Checkbox type column. I have a database that I need to be able to count only the first time a row of data appears. Below is part of the database: Date Customer ID Apt set Confirmed issued sat Result Sale Amount 2/27/2017 5:18:48 PM 397500 1 1 0 0 ROC 2/28/2017 9:03:05 PM 397500 1 1 1 0 1Leg 2

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