Get sys_category items to show up in menu via dataProcessing / DatabaseQueryProcessor

The menu works. But cats is always empty. data.categories shows the count of how many categories are assigned to the given page. But cats array only shows: cats => array(empty). What's wrong with my TYPOSCRIPT?

        40 = TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\DataProcessing\MenuProcessor
        40 {
            expandAll = 1
            levels = 7
            as = menuMain
            dataProcessing {
                100 = TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\DataProcessing\DatabaseQueryProcessor
                100 {
                    if.isTrue.field = categories
                    table = sys_category
                    select {
                        pidInList = root,-1
                        selectFields = sys_category.*
                        join = sys_category_record_mm ON sys_category_record_mm.uid_local = sys_category.uid
               = field:_ORIG_uid // field:uid
                        where.intval = 1
                        where.wrap = sys_category_record_mm.uid_foreign=|
                        orderBy = sys_category_record_mm.sorting_foreign
                        languageField = 0 # disable translation handling of sys_category
                    as = cats

There is no "select" parameter for the DatabaseQueryProcessor. So you should remove it and move all the sub-parameters one level up.

select, Do not use GET or POST data like GPvar directly with this object! CONTENT 10 { table = sys_category select { pidInList = root,-1 selectFields = sys_category. In above screenshot you see the dataset as we get it, data is ordered by ORDER_NUMBER, each row has a REVENUE and the CUSTOMER_ID is set just once per ORDER_NUMBER. The output however should have the correct CUSTOMER_ID everywhere and the column CUMULATIVE_SUM should contain the sum of revenue of the rows read so far belonging to one order.

Try to add recursive = 99 to look for all pages. I have an example with categories that works, see:

FLUIDTEMPLATE, This name is used together with the set format to find the template in the given templateRootPaths. And it can even come in the form of “rss.xml” or alike. key-value pair as done in the example, you can also reference objects or access constants as well. TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\DataProcessing\​DatabaseQueryProcessor  Menu items are accessed either by a left mouse click, or using a hot key combination (e.g., Alt+F opens the File menu). When the menu is opened, you can click on an item to select it, or use arrow keys to highlight it and press the Enter key, or just type the underlined letter. By convention, menu items that bring up dialogue boxes or new windows

50 = TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\DataProcessing\DatabaseQueryProcessor
50 {
  if.isTrue.field = categories
  table = sys_category
  pidInList = root,-1
  selectFields = sys_category.*
  recursive = 99
  as = categories

just this worked out for me.

Html,css3, jquery how to create on click event, so whenever you click the button, it will add or remove the class show on your elements with Get sys_category items to show up in menu via dataProcessing /​  Both status data and event data can be stored in a database. a) True b) False c) d)

Dataprocessing for FLUID, Dataprocessing for FLUID Templates – Howto Provide Additional Data In order to get an overview over all available values in a fluid in the template and they will be shown at the beginning of the page. DatabaseQueryProcessor (TYPO3 core) You can use it also to fetch files directly via their uid. Query processing enables the automated enhancement of user queries. Most search users deploy relatively simplistic queries Yet today’s leading search engines offer a rich set of query operators and functions Great queries generally produce satisfying results.

Skiing, Extbase Variable Dump. array(8 items) TSFE => TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\​Controller\TypoScriptFrontendControllerprototypeobject deprecatedPublicMethods =>  If you share your items across warehouses or manufacturing facilities, you can access them through a common item master. Con gure one or multiple item masters for your enterprise, based your enterprise structure.

Configuration/TypoScript/RenderingDefinitions/NewsList.typoscript , Find file BlameHistoryPermalink dataProcessing { 10 = TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\​DataProcessing\DatabaseQueryProcessor 10 table = sys_category selectFields = sys_category.title = leveluid : 0 recursive = 99  FIG. 26 is a diagram showing a possible set of presented menu items, including a possible set of File management, Search and Filtering, and other Tools related items, that a user may be able to select in order to cause his system to execute various instructions;